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Bli med oss på en helt spesiell reise i en helt spesiell sommer.

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Basecamp Explorer

More than travel

At Basecamp Explorer we invite you on a global journey from the high arctic to equator. Welcome to our basecamps in Svalbard and Masai Mara, each with a special story and distinct character. Hosting and guiding you to nature based adventures among wild animals in exotic wilderness is our passion.
At Basecamp Explorer we are wildlife conservationists.
Your visit alone will help our work.

Masai Mara

In close-up range to the highest density of wild animals in the world, we have five safari camps, hosted by the Maasai. Together they form a circuit of complementary experiences, and a travel in time. The Maasai know the savannah like the back of their hands. Going with them, there is a surprise for you behind every corner.

Explore Masai Mara


We have five places to stay in Svalbard. Together our hotels and lodges form a meaningful circuit of complementary experiences. The basecamps are small, intimate and remote. Traveling under midnight sun or northern lights, you will experience that out here in the wilderness, there is Arctic silence.

Explore Svalbard

important information for travellers to Svalbard

Dear traveller,

The situation regarding Covid-19 is currently chaotic and unclear. We are receiving a lot of incoming requests from our guests. We kindly ask for your understanding that our response time is somewhat longer than normal due to this extraordinary situation, as we have limited resources available to respond to inquiries.

If your request is regarding cancellation or change of an upcoming trip with Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen, please contact your travel insurance company to clarify your rights.

Affected guests who have booked trips and activities with us will be notified before their scheduled travel date with updated information regarding their travel. We ask that you only call us for trips that are scheduled to be completed within the next 3 days.

If your booking with us has been made through a third-party channel, such as travel agents, or, please contact them directly.

Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen follows and acts according to national requirements and guidelines in this situation.

Read more here:

current travel advises and regulations regarding Svalbard



Basecamp Explorer Foundation was established to fight the extinction of wildlife by teaming up with the local communities. We firmly believe that in the Masai Mara area of Kenya, the key to success is to work together with the people who own and inhabit the land. This is reflected in everything we do.

Basecamp Explorer’s responsible tourism business supports projects like reforestation, waste management, empowering women and youth and securing land for the wildlife to flourish.

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