Isfjord Radio offer

Experience the late summer in Svalbard offering first class dining, beautiful sunsets, an unforgettable landscape and a fresh scent of autumn.

Our unique resorts

We have resorts in many locations in Spitsbergen. Isfjord Radio
for example has it's own sauna with an incredible view.

Let the wind guide you

With Basecamp Arctic Voyagers you can sail around the glacier coast of Spitsbergen.

New camp in Kenya

Experience the magic of the Kenyan savannah in our new tented camp!

Catch of the month

What’s new?  What’s a must to explore? Our Explorer Experts from Spitsbergen and Kenya have listed the catch of the month for you! Why to wait?



Our own Basecamp Foundation was established alongside the commercial side, Basecamp Explorer. Since the beginning we have partnered closely with the Maasai people to develop models for saving nature and help the local community. Over the years we have established and supported community programs. We have support the masai women, improved living conditions, and helped the wildlife development. We are proud to share some of our stories here..

2017 Sustainability and Conservation Report by Basecamp Explorer Kenya

Since starting its operations 20 years ago, Basecamp Explorer has positioned itself as a long-term, sustainable conservation brand...

Arctic swim

As fresh as it gets

There is nothing quite as refreshing as the air up in the arctic region, but even the air can't compete with an arctic swim. Get y...

Waking up at Isfjord Radio with a special kind of drop-in guest

It is seldom we have drop-in guests at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel, but this morning we had a surprise! A polar bear had found h...

The Basecamp Explorer Group in the Masai Mara Wildlife Reserve

A story by Svein Wilhelmsen, founder Basecamp Explorer, and Basecamp Explorer Foundation. I am on one of my beloved walking saf...

Eat This! Basecamp culinary project

Eat This! is not an ordinary cookbook. It is a cookbook dedicated to passion, courage, and possibilities! The cook book is a fund...

Svein at TEDx: Our grand plan to save Africa’s wildlife

TEDx has a wish to change the world one talk at a time. Now Svein Wilhelmsen founder of Basecamp Explorer has joined the famous gr...

Obama supports sustainable tourism by staying with Basecamp

When Barack Obama first set foot on Kenyan soil in 1988 he was a young man in search of his father's village in western Kenya. He ...


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