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is a tourism company that operates number of destinations across the globe in a responsible and  enlightened way.


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What’s new?  What’s a must to explore? Our Explorer Experts from Spitsbergen and Kenya have listed the catch of the month for you! Why to wait?



Our own Basecamp Foundation was established alongside the commercial side, Basecamp Explorer. Since the beginning we have partnered closely with the Maasai people to develop models for saving nature and help the local community. Over the years we have established and supported community programs. We have support the masai women, improved living conditions, and helped the wildlife development. We are proud to share some of our stories here..

Eat This! Basecamp culinary project

Eat This! is not an ordinary cookbook. It is a cookbook dedicated to passion, courage, and possibilities! The cook book is a fund...

Svein at TEDx: Our grand plan to save Africa’s wildlife

TEDx has a wish to change the world one talk at a time. Now Svein Wilhelmsen founder of Basecamp Explorer has joined the famous gr...

Obama supports sustainable tourism by staying with Basecamp

When Barack Obama first set foot on Kenyan soil in 1988 he was a young man in search of his father's village in western Kenya. He ...

Be inspired: Sample Menu from Isfjord Radio Kitchen

When you are staying at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel, you are in for a real treat.  In the evening, we are gathering around the d...


Reindeer, arctic char, ptarmigan and bearded seal. The hunting history in Svalbard dates back to the 16th century. Even today ther...

The feeling of an Arctic spa

Looking through the big wall-to-wall window, all you can see is the wide horizon over Arctic Ocean. Somewhere out there is the coa...

Storytelling by the Fireplace: Meet Dorobo

The African bush is the perfect backdrop for mystical storytelling by the fireplace. It is after dinner here in the heart of th...


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