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A modern trapper´s hotel

In the center of Longyearbyen lies the home of the modern-day arctic trappers. The hotel is decorated in authentic trapper´s style down to the very last detail, and our staff will care for you on a personal level. The glass-roofed Cognac loft is a good place to relax, looking up in a sky filled with northern lights.

The interior of Basecamp Hotel is covered with driftwood, sealskin, maps, pictures and objects that illustrate the past and the present of life in the Arctic.

The rooms are all different, with comfortable beds, private bathrooms and no TVs.

From Longyearbyen we take you to our remote outposts in the wilderness. Let your arctic story begin!

All year
16 rooms
/ 40 people
Eco Hotel

Basecamp Hotel has 16 rooms and can accommodate more than 40 people. Each room is individually decorated in traditional trapper style with driftwood, sealskin and slate. No two rooms are alike. In all our rooms there are comfortable beds and private bathrooms with showers. Our double rooms come with either two single beds or one double bed. In triple rooms we have bunk beds, in real trapper’s style. Double beds are by request only. Two of the rooms in Basecamp Hotel are suites, with separate bedrooms, lounge, and bathroom. From all the rooms you have a beautiful view over the town, towards the mountains surrounding the valley of Longyeardalen.

Single room

Our single room has a single bed, private bathroom with shower, and wireless Internet connection. Breakfast and complementary coffee or tea are included in the price.

free wifi
all year around
1 person
breakfast included
ecological hotel
Starting from 1200 NOK
per night

Twin Room

Our twin rooms have either two single beds or one double bed, a bathroom with shower and wireless internet connection. Double beds are on request only. Breakfast and complementary coffee or tea are included in the price.

Free Wifi
All Year Around
2 persons
Breakfast included
Starting from 1790 NOK
per night

Triple room

Our triple rooms have two single beds with bunk beds above in real trapper’s style, a private bathroom with shower and wireless internet connection. Breakfast and complementary coffee or tea are included in the price.

free wifi
all year around
3 persons
breakfast included
ecological hotel
Starting from 2100 NOK
per night


The Basecamp Hotel suite is a couple’s suite, with one bedroom, a living room and a loft with two extra beds. The suite has a private bathroom with shower and free wifi. Breakfast and coffee/ tea is included in your stay.

free wifi
all year around
4 persons
breakfast included
ecological hotel
Starting from 2600 NOK
per night

Once you’ve come this far, you have to go further. After a good night’s sleep at Basecamp Hotel, you’re ready for new adventures. Follow us to one of our further destinations: Isfjord Radio, Nordenskiöld Lodge or Basecamp Trapper’s Station. You won’t be the same person when we return to Longyearbyen. You’ll be one of the few, those who know the secrets that only the fjords, glaciers, and mountains of the Arctic whisper.

For shorte stays there are several interesting day trips starting from the reception daily. We recommend that you book your trip beforehand, to make sure there is enough room for the whole party. See below for a list of day trips in summer and winter.

When experiencing the darkest season of the year some visitors’ states that the Arctic silence is a cosmos of colours. Spend a night at Basecamp Trapper’s Station and look out for the northern lights together with a 100 huskies. Join your arctic nature guide on an adventure in the deep valley or inside the glacier. Sleep well at the rustic Basecamp Hotel in Longyearbyen.

Mon, fri
4 days
min. 4 participants
Basecamp Hotel & Trapper's station
Min. age 10
per person 7,500 nok

Christmas time in Longyearbyen gives you a magical holiday feeling. Situated in the kingdom of the polar bears, where the northern lights illuminate the sky on clear nights. Let us give you the true holiday spirit with winter adventures under an immense, starry sky. Relax and find peace in the rustic atmosphere of Basecamp Hotel, your home far away from home.

5 days
Christmas celebration
Min. 2 participants
most meals included
Basecamp Hotel
Min. age 8
per person 12,390 nok
Next departure 23rd Dec 2021

Embark on a 5-day adventure filled with unique nature experiences, long breakfasts and Arctic inspired dinners. Find you holiday spirit surrounded by the driftwood walls of Basecamp Hotel and the tranquil atmosphere of the polar night. Celebrate the New Year’s in the northern most town in the world and enter January with motivation and reflection.

5 days
New Year's
Min. 2 participants
Basecamp Hotel
Min. age 8
per person 12,990 nok
Next departure 30th Dec 2021

Join us for a dog sledding adventure across the beautiful landscapes in Svalbard. On this trip you are accompanied by your team of Alaskan huskies and an experienced arctic nature guide. This is the time to fully enjoy the beautiful arctic scenery close to Longyearbyen. At the same time you are introduction to dog sledding and will for sure come back for more.

Tue, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun
4 hours
From snowfall-May
Min. 3 participants
Warm drinks included
Trapper's Station
Child 6-12 yrs 990
Min age. 6
per person 1,590 nok

This is a hike for the adventurous souls! You are entering a frozen landscape hiding architectural secrets created by natures robust hands. The darkness of the polar night sweeps over us, while the snow and the moon illuminate the landscape more than you can imagine. Join us on a hiking experience out of the ordinary and explore inside the glacier.

Wed, Sat
5 hours
Min. 3 participants
Warm drinks included
child 10-12 yrs 690
per person 890 nok

Gather some of your Arctic winter experiences on a daytrip to Templefjorden. Learn the principals of snowmobile driving and enjoy the excitement as you get the hang of it. Experience an easy-going adventure in a smooth and open terrain, just far enough from Longyearbyen. Be the lucky one to observe some of the characteristic wildlife and the great view of mount “Tempelet”.

Mon,Thu, Sat, Sun
8 hours
Min. 3 snowmobile drivers
Lunch and warm drinks included
Passenger 2,000
Min. age 8
per driver 3,190 nok
Next departure 13th May 2021

Join your Isfjord Radio guide on one of our favourite tracks along the old radio poles of the station given three optional route and activity alternatives. The hike will be approximately 10-16 km long depending on route.

Mon-Thu and Sun
5 hours
Min. 4 participants
Lunch, coffee,/tea & snacks
per person 1,490 nok

Join us on an adventure under the sun that never sets. On this trip you participate in taking the huskies out for a run with wagon wheels, and you will get to spend time in the dog yard before and after the dog sledding. Find your adventurous spirit and enjoy the view of the Arctic countryside.

3,5 hours
Min. 3 participants
Warm drinks included
Child 6-12 yrs 790
Min. age 6
per person 1,090 nok
Next departure 15th Jun 2021

Explore dog sledding and ice caving combined in a full day adventure. We will bring you out in the beautiful Arctic landscape where you can enjoy a popular and authentic nature experience. In the end of Bolterdalen we will find our ice cave destination at Scott Turner glacier, and a part of the adventure is a proper outdoor expedition lunch.

Wed, Fri
7 hours
Min. 3 participants
Lunch included
Child 8-12 yrs 1,990
Min. age 8
per person 2,790 nok

This is the trip for those who wish to take a different hiking trip in the breath-taking nature in Spitsbergen. Join our experienced guide on a daytrip on the mountains around Longyearbyen

Mon, wed, fri
4-5 hours
Min. 3 participants
Warm drinks included
Min. age 10
per person 990 nok

Join us on a snowmobile adventure through the Arctic polar night. As soon as we drive away from Longyearbyen and into the darkness, our chances of observing the northern lights increases. When exploring Svalbard this time of the year you will see a faint light peeking over the snow-covered mountains, giving you the idea of a life in the south.

Every day
4 hours
From snowfall-February
Min. 3 snowmobile drivers
Warm drinks included
Passenger 990
Min. age 8
per driver 1,890 nok


We have gathered important travel information to make your planning easier. We look at the best time to visit, how to get here and what to pack. We also have a trip level indicator to explain difficulty levels of our adventures. And we have put together a rich and detailed arctic dictionary with all you need to know about an adventure at Svalbard.



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