3-day summer adventure to Isfjord Radio

Child 2-12 yrs 5,050
Min. age 2
per person 6,640 nok
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From April to August, the sun never sets in Svalbard. On the windswept grounds of Kapp Linne, you can observe how the sun patrols the sky in almost uniform circles during summer. Enjoy the view from the Arctic Isfjord Radio sauna and go for a swim under the midnight sun. The magnificent view is seen by more fulmars than human beings, and you will be one of the lucky few experiencing the wildlife at Isfjord Radio on this particular day.

Day 1

3PM Pick up at your hotel/guesthouse in Longyearbyen.
We head out onto Isfjorden with a steady course westward. Your hosts will warmly welcome you upon arrival at Isfjord Radio.

5PM-6.30PM We invite you for a walk of the station where you get to learn more about the fascinating history of this unique destination. Finish up your day in the warm sauna at the sea cliff and enjoy a view that makes you forget about time and place. Who knows what kind of wildlife will swim by the sauna tonight?

8PM A 5-course dinner is served in the dining room. Please advise if you have any food allergies that we need to keep in mind for the meals during the trip.


Departure Longyearbyen 3PM
Dinner included
Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel

Day 2

After a good night’s sleep, you will wake up to a view you will remember forever. Enjoy your morning coffee or tea with a panoramic view of Cape Linné bird sanctuary.

8AM-10AM Breakfast is served in the dining room.
10AM-3PM We organize daytrips which you can book in addition to your stay at Isfjord Radio all days of the week. Join an adventure to experience more of the beautiful Arctic nature. Arrive home to your hosts that have everything planned for a memorable evening. We often gather around the bonfire for a refreshment when the wind favourable. A real gem of the Isfjord experience!

8PM A 5-course dinner is served in the dining room, always with a touch of the Arctic.

Breakfast and dinner included
Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel

Day 3

Many of us have the Big Five of Svalbard on our bucket list, and Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel is the perfect location to come across several of the animal species on this list. Keep your eyes open for walrus, polar bear, seal, arctic fox and the curious Svalbard reindeer.

8AM-10AM Breakfast is served in the dining room.
10AM-3PM Book your day trip to experience more of Svalbard’s west coast.
5PM Return to Longyearbyen with ISFJORD-EKSPRESSEN.

Departure Isfjord Radio 5PM
Breakfast included
Boat departure every day at 3PM
3 days
Dinner and breakfast
Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel

Price information


Accommodation in double room at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel incl. breakfast and dinner.
Station walk (day 1).
Transport with ISFJORD-EKSPRESSEN incl. pickup at your hotel / guesthouse in Longyearbyen.
Departure from Longyearbyen every day at 3PM.
Return from Isfjord Radio every day at 5PM.


Personal consumption such as drinks for dinner and bar, supplement for single room accommodation. Airport transport and accommodation in Longyearbyen.
Day trips on Isfjord Radio (lunch is included in the day trip price).
Note that  lunch at Isfjord Radio must be booked in addition if you do not participate on a daytrip.


As part of Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen’s efforts to be climate neutral, we add an additional CO2 and environmental investment of NOK 250 per guest.  This is donated in its entirety to do good projects contributing to a sustainable future in our destinations.

Adventures at Isfjord Radio

A stay at Isfjord Radio is a truly unique experience. Once you have arrived, you can choose to spend time in the hotel or participate on guided day trips.


Book a 3-day summer adventure to Isfjord Radio with the book now button, then add your daytrips by clicking on the picture link below. You will find a list of day trips that can be added to your shopping cart before proceeding to payment.

Clothing and equipment

In spite of Spitsbergen’s northern location, the archipelago has a relatively mild climate compared to other areas on the same latitude. In summer, the average temperature in Longyearbyen is approximately 5 ° C. There is normally very little rain, although it is not unusual that there is fog and low clouds. Even if there is little rain, the ground is often wet due to the melting snow. The weather on Svalbard changes quickly, and local variations can be huge – so it is better to have little bit too much clothes with you. Below you can find our packing advise for your adventure in Svalbard.


Isfjord Radio is a wilderness hotel and to move outside you need a guide with rifle for polar bear protection.

In Spitsbergen, weather conditions can change quickly. We can meet heavy winds, snowstorms or thick fog, crevasses and lack of snow or ice. This means we might need to make changes to the planned route, and this might lead up us not arriving to the planned destination. It can also mean that we need to use a different transportation style or accommodation than what was described in the program. We will always do our outmost to give our guests a great experience in the Arctic, but we must be aware that characteristics of the destination.

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