Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel

The historical radio station has been transformed to a luxurious hotel with a gourmet kitchen, far into the arctic wilderness. This is the untouched home to walrus, fox, reindeer and polar bears, and you are welcome to visit.

22 rooms
Breakfast & dinner 
Wilderness Hotel
Starting from 2,190 nok
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an adventure at the boarders of human existence

After a gratifying day of gliding over the glaciers, mountains, and frozen fjords by dogsled or snowmobile, or by an open boat safari across the Arctic Ocean, you’re home.

This 1933 built solitude outpost for radio operators doesn’t look like much from the outside. As you enter, though, you’ll discover a different world. The contrast between the surrounding rough coastal landscape and the modern luxury hotel inside is a sight to behold. It is easy to forget where you are, but a quick dip in the Arctic Ocean will bring you back.

Just like the original residents of the outpost, decades ago, you’ll gather around the table for dinner, a journey of tastes from the Arctic: smoked seal, whale, halibut with roe butter, and reindeer sausage. Most of the meat here is hunted by one of the three trappers left in Spitsbergen, then prepared in Isfjord Radio’s modern kitchen by our top chefs to a standard that would please even the toughest food critic.

Later in the evening, as you lay on your bed surrounded by the Arctic silence, you realize that it has been one of the best days of your life.

Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel offers unique wilderness accommodation 90 km from Longyearbyen. There are no roads connection from Longyearbyen, so you need snowmobile or boat transfers to get here. At summer time we have daily boat safaris from Longyearbyen to Isfjord Radio, in the winter a stay at Isfjord Radio is included in a snowmobile or dogsledding adventure.

Please note that Isfjord Radio is a wilderness hotel and to move outside you need a guide with rifle for polar bear protection. At summer time we have a weekly adventure program. You can by additional adventures with the room booking or evening before at Isfjord Radio.

After more than two months the polar night is slowly losing its grip and the days grow longer. On clear days the sky has different blue colors mixed with pink and purple shades.

16.-17.FEB & 23.-24.FEB
2 days
Min. 4 participants
all meals included
Isfjord Radio
Min. age 15

passenger 6,990
per driver 9,990 nok
Next departure 16th Feb 2019

Join us on snowmobile expedition to beautiful Isfjord Radio at Cape Linnè. Situated about 90 km from civilisation of Longyearbyen you find our remote boutique hotel Isfjord Radio. During the expedition we will ride over glaciers, mountains and frozen fjords, and visit thrilling historical sites.

Wednesday & Saturday
2 days
Min. 4 participants
All meals included
Isfjord Radio
Min. age 15

passenger 7,190
per driver 11,590 nok
Next departure 2nd Mar 2019

At the rim of the west coast

Join us for a trip that really is a balm for your soul. Travel through the arctic scenery, experience the arctic silence and discover a hotel at the end of the world. Top of your adventure with a menu from one of the best kitchen on the island.

Monday & Friday
3 days
1.MAR - 15.MAY
Min. 4 participants
All meals included
Isfjord Radio
Min. age 15

passenger 11,590
offer 9,850
per driver 14450 16,990 nok
Next departure 1st Mar 2019

To step outside Longyearbyen will open a door to the wilderness. On this trip, you will not only visit the wilderness, but you will live and feel the arctic around you. Two night in a tent will give you the real feel what the arctic is about. But once entering Isfjord Radio you will be surprised. The contrast between surrounding rough coastal landscape and the modern luxury hotel inside is a sight to behold. It is easy to forget where you are.

19.-23.MAR & 5.-9.APR
5 days
2018 fully booked
All meals included
Tent & Isfjord Radio
Min. age 18
per person 26,990 nok

Experience magnificent Arctic scenery, history and a pice of Russia at Svalbard. The historical Isfjord Radio Station is situated at the outermost part of Isfjord with majestic mountains overlooking the Arctic Ocean. This is the last stop before Greenland. Hop on!

Every Day
Min. 2 partisipants
Lunch included
Isfjord Radio
Min. age 12
per person 2,190 nok
Next departure 1st Jun 2019

Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel

Included: Overnight in double room, 5-course dinner, two lunches and breakfast. Arctic Spa with polar bear guard for sea bath and sauna with a view.

22 rooms
Starting from 1990 NOK
per person/ night

Choose how many nights you want to spend at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel. Pick your favourite activities from the below list. Click to read more and add to your shopping cart together with your hotel booking to Isfjord Radio. And your summer holiday plans are ready!

Kapp Linné bird reserve is located right next to Isfjord Radio. In the reserve and around the buildings at Isfjord you may encounter many different types of birds. You can read more about the reserve and some of the birds if you follow the link below.

On Sunday 3rd of June there was a break in at Isfjord Radio, and the burglar turned out to be a somewhat unusual guest.. See the video of what happened or read station manager Malins story:

Waking up at Isfjord Radio with a special kind of drop-in guest

It is seldom we have drop-in guests at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel, but this morning we had a surprise! A polar bear had found h...


Reindeer, arctic char, ptarmigan and bearded seal. The hunting history in Svalbard dates back to the 16th century. Even today ther...

The feeling of an Arctic spa

Looking through the big wall-to-wall window, all you can see is the wide horizon over Arctic Ocean. Somewhere out there is the coa...

St Olavs Rose

In summer 2013 Isfjord Radio was awarded the St Olav’s Rose – a hallmark of Norwegian Heritage.

“We can do it”

These were the words of Halvor Bakke - the mind behind the wonderful interiors and the tremendous transformations at Isfjord Radio...

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