Dugnad – volunteer work

Dugnad – volunteer work

Dugnad is a Norwegian word, meaning the collective help from a group of volunteers. This has been strong basis of the work done at Isfjord Radio and a large group of volunteers has helped us to sustain this historical site.

During this year’s dygnad, a group of 7 enthusiastic volunteers traveled high up north to Spitsbergen and over the arctic fjord to Isfjord Radio with a long list of items to build and fix.

To have a strong volunteers group arriving to Isfjord Radio has a great moral boots around the whole station. We have all hands at work including the station masker and even the chef himself.

Isfrord Radio is a special destination in many ways. It is important to hold the historical site in good shape but at the same time to do needed modernization to ensure the comfort for guests. Due to the location, the work done around the station is very special. Not only do we have to take care that polar bear guards are observing the area. Also all material must be first shipped up to Spitsbergen and then transported to the remote station by snowmobiles or smaller boats. It takes lot of practice to know how to pack fragile items, so that they will make the travel in once piece.

Isfjord Radio Harbor

Isfjord Radio Renovations

Isfjord Radio Renovations

Isfjord Radio Renovations

The worklist is normally long, but to balance it off the hard work, there are some great entertainment at the remote station.

We started the day with morning swim and coffee. The eiders are nesting around the station and trying to avoid arctic foxes lurking around the corners. Yesterday we saw two small, furry chickens being just hatched. In the evenings it not possible to lie in the bed, when the mid night sun is enticing for walk. It is so bright and beautiful outside. Hilde.

Isfjord Radio Swimming

Isfjord Radio Common Eider

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