Glacier cruise with ISFJORD-EKSPRESSEN

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Glacier cruise with ISFJORD-EKSPRESSEN

A wide fjord opens at 78°N on the west coast of Spitsbergen. Looking north you will see the distinct sailing mark Alkhornet. Looking south you will find Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel, your home far away from home. Isfjorden is a gigantic fjord complex with cultural monuments from all of Svalbard’s historical periods.


From Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel at Kapp Linnè we embark on ISFJORD-EKSPRESSEN for a two-hour cruise on the north side of Isfjorden. Our destinations are Trygghamna and Ymerbukta.

In Trygghamna we will meet the eye-catching landmark Alkhornet, a large bird mountain surrounded by a lush and beautiful landscape. Historically, Trygghamna is a known as a sheltered bay. This is where seamen found rest after a rough sailing in the Arctic seas. We continue our cruise to Ymerbukta, where the scenic Esmark glacier dives into the bay. As we float between small icebergs in the green glacial water you can hear the ice crackle.

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2 hours
Lunch included

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Two hour glacier cruise starting and ending at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel
Soup lunch


Day trip to Isfjord Radio with visit in Barentsburg

Clothing and equipment

In spite of Spitsbergen’s northern location, the archipelago has a relatively mild climate compared to other areas on the same latitude. In summer, the average temperature in Longyearbyen is approximately 5 ° C. There is normally very little rain, although it is not unusual that there is fog and low clouds. Even if there is little rain, the ground is often wet due to the melting snow. The weather on Svalbard changes quickly, and local variations can be huge – so it is better to have little bit too much clothes with you.


In Spitsbergen, weather conditions can change quickly. We can meet heavy winds, snowstorms or thick fog, crevasses and lack of snow or ice. This means we might need to make changes to the planned route, and this might lead up us not arriving to the planned destination. It can also mean that we need to use a different transportation style or accommodation than what was described in the program. We will always do our outmost to give our guests a great experience in the Arctic, but we must be aware that characteristics of the destination.

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