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Basecamp Explorer Foundation is a Norwegian-owned non-profit organization working with local communities to safeguard nature. Basecamp Explorer Foundation is part of the Basecamp Explorer Group, operating through sustainable tourism. Basecamp Explorer Foundation helps with strategic fundraising for the relevant projects in the regions where we run our tourism business. We always seek a broader approach that also invites our guests, partners in tourism and institutions to join in.

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Our main projects are carried out in cooperation with either local or international implementing partners. Each partner plays a key role our succesful opeartions in Maasai Mara.


Part of Basecamp Explorer Group

Svein Wilhelmsen founded Basecamp Explorer in 1998, following a life-changing meeting with an old Maasai, Chief Ole Taek. One evening by the fireplace, the respected Maasai elder told a worrying tale about the threats facing his people. As a tribute to the man who inspired the founding of Basecamp Explorer, the first camp was build on land owned by Taek family, descendants of Chief Ole Taek. Today Basecamp Explorer has 8 permanent camps around the globe.

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Mara Naboisho Conservancy management company

MANCO is the management company that signes the lease agreements with the Naboisho landowners. Through MANCO, selected tourism operators are given licenses to operate within Mara Naboisho. Both the landowners and the tourism partners have an equal say in the board. The model is rooted in a firm belief that the only way to achieve long-term coexistence between people, livestock and wildlife is through close cooperation with local people. We support MANCO through our camps in Mara Naboisho Conservancy and through the Naboisho Project.

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Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancies Association

Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancy (MMWCA), is an umbrella body for conservancies in Maasai Mara. It was established to conserve the Maasai Mara ecosystem, forming a network of protected areas for the prosperity of the wildlife and the local Maasai community. To date, MMWCA has a total of 14 conservancies covering 135,458 hectares and 6 proposed conservancies covering 26,811 hectares. MMWCA currently has more than 40 tourism facilities that support payment of the monthly lease fees to the land owners. The key projects we support through MMWCA are the Koyaki Guiding School and the Cheetah project.

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To demonstrate how to
conserve key global
ecosystems through co-
existence between and
wildlife and humans.


To lead in social &
environmental impact, using
profitable tourism as the
commercial instrument (triple
bottom line approach).

Board members

Trond Bacher – Chair of the Board
Hans Cristian Magnus
Marius Steen
Svein Wilhelmsen
Brita Knutsen Dahlen – representing Basecamp Explorer

Key associates

Hans Cristian Magnus – CEO
Bitte Berner – CFO
Nils Narum – Auditor


Basecamp Explorer Foundation
Eilinsvei 6a

1358 Jar 


982 20 8610


Hans Christian Magnus


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