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Our own Basecamp Foundation was established alongside the commercial side, Basecamp Explorer. Since the beginning we have partnered closely with the Maasai people to develop models for saving nature and help the local community. Over the years we have established and supported community programs. We have support the masai women, improved living conditions, and helped the wildlife development. We are proud to share some of our stories here..

Photo by Kjartan Haugen

Afternoon tea in Barentsburg

The hotel, and only restaurant in town, has a story of its own. Red colours and dark wood with old furniture. Wait...

Photo by Kjartan Haugen

A voyage of flavours

If you are visiting Isfjord Radio at dinner time, you are in for a wonderful surprise. There are no words to describe it - you...

Photo by Kirsti Ikonen

The City Abandoned at the world’s end

It is the very definition of creepy: abandoned homes, buildings, and schools, still with furniture, clothing, and schoolbooks ...

Photo by Kjartan Haugen

St Olavs Rose

The Rose is awarded to celebrate especially distinguished places that have succeeded in combining development and protection i...

Photo Kirsti Ikonen

An entire life as a trapper on the island of Svalbard

The primary goal for the Norwegian trappers was to catch as many arctic foxes and polar bears as possible, and to sell the fur in ...

Photo by Karin Beate Nøsterud / VG


Longyearbyen is a combination of modern houses and old mining structures. You can see children walking to and from the school alon...

Dog Sledding Spitsbbergen

Be a musher your-self!

Dog sledding consists of teams of six dogs harnessed to wooden sledges, whilst the driver, or ‘musher’, stands behind the dogs on ...