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Let Your Arctic Story Begin

All year
16 rooms
/ 40 people
Eco Hotel
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Let Your Arctic Story Begin

At the heart of Longyearbyen, the northernmost town in the world, lies the home of the modern-day arctic trappers.

See the walls, covered with driftwood, sealskins, maps, pictures, and objects that illustrate the past and the present of life in the Arctic. This is the basecamp for your expedition in Spitsbergen, decorated in authentic trapper’s style down to the very last detail.

Prepare your mind and body for the wilderness by relaxing in the glass-roofed lounge looking up at the sky filled with Northern Lights, or losing yourself in the stories of the arctic explorers. Wander around the world’s northernmost town, and dine next door at one of its best restaurants.

Once you’ve come this far, you have to go further. After a good night’s sleep in our unique trapper’s style room with a view of the mountains, you’re ready. Follow us to the arctic wilderness of Spitsbergen. You won’t be the same person when we return to Basecamp Hotel. You’ll be one of the few. Those who know the secrets that only the fjords, glaciers, and mountains of the Arctic whisper.

Basecamp Hotel has 16 rooms and can accommodate more than 40 people. Each room is individually decorated in traditional trapper style with driftwood, sealskin and slate. No two rooms are alike. In all our rooms there are comfortable beds and private bathrooms with showers. Our double rooms come with either two single beds or one double bed. In triple rooms we have bunk beds, in real trapper’s style. Double beds are by request only. Two of the rooms in Basecamp Hotel are suites, with separate bedrooms, lounge, and bathroom. From all the rooms you have a beautiful view over the town, towards the mountains surrounding the valley of Longyeardalen.

Keeping true to the style of the trappers there are no televisions in the rooms, but you are more than welcome to borrow some books from the lobby, and just enjoy the arctic atmosphere in your room. If you’re still energized after the evening’s program you can climb up to our “Northern Lights loft”, where we have a largescreen television for the use of our guests.

Basecamp Hotel

At Basecamp Hotel, our rooms have either single beds or one double bed with an additional bunk bed in real trapper’s style, a private bathroom with shower, and wireless internet connection. Double beds are by request only. Breakfast and complementary coffee or tea are included in the price. We have also two suites. One is a family suite, with a large living room and two bedrooms with twin beds, The other suite is a couple’s suite, with one bedroom with a cozy double bed.

Free wifi
all year around
1-4 persons
breakfast included
eco hotel
Starting from 1,150 nok
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Once you’ve come this far, you have to go further. After a good night’s sleep at Basecamp Hotel, you’re ready for new adventures. Follow us to one of our further destinations: Isfjord Radio, Nordenskiöld Lodge or North Pole Camp.  You won’t be the same person when we return to Longyearbyen. You’ll be one of the few, those who know the secrets that only the fjords, glaciers, and mountains of the Arctic whisper.  For shorte stays there are several interesting day trips starting from the reception daily. We recommend that you book your trip beforehand, to make sure there is enough room for the whole party. See below for a list of day trips in summer and winter.

Experience the true Arctic Treasures around Templefjorden area. Enjoy the excitement of snowmobile driving and experience the arctic wildlife like seals, arctic fox, reindeer and polar bear. Last but not least we will reach the majestic glacier front of Von Post in Templefjorde

8 hours
Winter Season
Minimum 4 persons
Warm Luch at North Pole Camp
Starting from 2,990 / 1,800 nok
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Even though this is the shortest of our tours, the half day dog sledding will give you a taste of the magic which will have you coming back for more. Escape the town for a few hours and transport your mind to a more idealistic way of life. Whilst travelling through the vast tundra you will come to really appreciate silence.

4 hours
Winter season
Minimum 2 persons
hot drinks included
Starting from 1,290 nok
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Accompanied by dogs and our experienced guides you will be transported through the beautiful landscape of Spitsbergen, where you can fully enjoy the silence and the magnificent arctic nature.

7 hours
Winter season
Minimun 2 persons
Lunch included
Starting from 2,250 nok
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Snowshoes are your ticket into the wilderness. There’s nothing quite like venturing into a breath-taking winter wonderland – and then feeling your feet sink into drifts of snow knee deep. Join our half day snowshoe hike to the close by mountains and glaciers of Longyearbyen – an adventure to the wilderness!

5 hours
Winter season
minimum 4 persons
Hot drink and biscuits
Starting from 850 nok
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