Reindeer, arctic char, ptarmigan and bearded seal. The hunting history in Svalbard dates back to the 16th century. Even today there are three trappers overwintering on the island and hunting for living. Tommy Sandal, located in Bellsund area, is one out of these trappers using the old traditional trapping methods for ecological reasons. With his 15 years of experience, he knows the best places and methods to catch the game in a sustainable way. Our close co-operation with Tommy Sandal is ensuring a sustainable food source and local ingredients on our menu throughout the year.

The Kitchen at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel is run by a firm hand of our Head Chef Simon Liestøl Idsø. With his long history of creative cooking combined with his passion for the arctic creates menus with unique dishes. Something that will make you amazed.

Our menus at Isfjord Radio Kitchen are strongly affected of old and almost forgotten preserving techniques. Like the original residents of the outpost, we need to preserve the exclusive ingredients over the long and dark winter. Salting, curing, dry aging, smoking, drying, pickling and fermenting to mention few. Most of these techniques are to be found in our grandmothers handwritten recipe books, and used earlier on the outposts like Isfjord Radio to secure enough food over the winter.

August and September are the main months for hunting, fishing and mushroom picking. For the Isfjord Radio Kitchen, this is the most hectic and at the same time the most fun time of the year where our food storages are being filled up with everything from pickled vegetables and dried seaweed to game stocks and cured fish.

During these months we are extending our working hours for some outdoor activities. In the morning and evening hours the kitchen staff can abandon the stove and head to the tundra to harvest mushrooms, walk on the shoreline picking edible delicacies and head to the sea for some deep-water fishing.  In our new renovated storehouse, we are preserving hams, cured meat and sausages and maturing and tenderizing game meat.

The growing season on Svalbard is very short and there are limited variables to the local   fauna. Thus, our remote boutique hotel simply can’t survive exclusively on local ingredients. Therefore our chefs are combining their food philosophy with grocery deliveries from the mainland every half a year. Good dialogues with handpicked wholesalers and farmers in Norway gives us stable supply of prime ingredients throughout the seasons.

When you are staying at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel, you are in for a real treat. In the morning we are serving a traditional Nordic breakfast buffet and our two courses lunch is based on Norwegian home cooking in an historic, yet relaxed environment. In the evening, we are gathering around the dinner table – a real gem of the Isfjord Radio experience. For the dinner we have created a larger menu with several servings, combining the arctic tastes and a customized beverage pairing. Our kitchen and service staff look forward giving you a unique dining experience in the Arctic wilderness. Book your table today?


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