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Our own Basecamp Foundation was established alongside the commercial side, Basecamp Explorer. Since the beginning we have partnered closely with the Maasai people to develop models for conserving nature and empowering the local community. Over the years we have established and supported community programs aimed at enhancing capacity, raising awareness, improving living conditions and wildlife development.

An entire life as a trapper on the island of Svalbard

Trappers went north with dreams of the big catch, the free life, and adventure in the vast wilderness.


Longyearbyen is a strange mix of Arctic nature and modern technology. Here you can find both high speed internet and polar bears, ...

Be a musher yourself!

There is no better way to travel across the frozen tundra than on a husky-drawn sled. With no engine to interrupt the silence, the...

Towards a village bank: Maasai Women Embrace Community Managed Microfinance

Maasai women in traditional clothes making handicrafts, Kenya.

As we approach the meeting spot under a tree in Mpuaai we spot bright Maasai kangas giving in to the power of the wind, as a group...

Lions: The Mara Naboisho Big Cat Project

Lioness hunting in grass on the savannah in Masai Mara.

The Mara Naboisho Big Cat Project is a long-term effort to monitor and protect the lion, leopard and cheetah populations in both t...

Biodiversity: Basecamp Tree Plantation and Nursery

Sunrise among the trees at river in Masai Mara, Kenya.

Since the Basecamp Tree Plantation was established in 2000 we have planted 75,000 trees. The aim of the project is to revive the T...

Youth: Koiyaki Guiding School

Maasai man in traditional clothes looking into the distance in Masai Mara, Kenya.

Koiyaki Guiding School’s mission is to enhance the employment prospects of young Maasai in a time when traditional ways of living ...

Women: The Basecamp Maasai Brand

Maasai women in traditional clothes making handicrafts, Kenya.

Lack of economic opportunities for women is a major global concern, which hinders gender equality and economic development worldwi...

Using sustainable tourism as a vehicle for creating positive change

Closeup of interiors at guest lounge tent in Basecamp Explorer Wilderness safari camp.

Basecamps’ work has received recognition locally and globally. This is a great motivating factor for those working with Basecamp. ...

Tony Proud – visiting Masai Mara

Closeup of lion lying in grass on game drive in Masai Mara.

Safari's don't have to be so expensive ...... Kenya really can be affordable if you take the time to look for a bargain.

Coal rush to Spitsbergen

Old black and white photo of coal industry on Svalbard.

If the gold rush to Alaska was a big step to the unknown, exploring Spitsbergen’s mining opportunities was a step even further. La...

Chasing Dreams

Old photo of coal miners on bus in Spitsbergen.

As a young man, free in the world and able to choose your own path, it is often a desire to earn bit of money to your back pocket,...


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