Quick fire round with Steve Nkumum- Safari Guide

Quick fire round with Steve Nkumum- Safari Guide

Basecamp Safaris would not be what they are today without our incredibly passionate and trustworthy safari guides. We have to acknowledge we have some of the best guides in all of Masai Mara. And since you will be spending most of your time on your Masai Mara safari in the company of our guides, we thought we’ll introduce you to them. So, join us as we introduce our guide—Steve Nkumum, and ask a few questions in a quick fire round:

Maasai guide leaning against safari jeep and giving a thumbs up.
Photo by Kjartan Haugen
  1. What is your name and how long have you been a safari guide?
    My name is Steve Nkumum and I have been working as a Safari guide in Masai Mara for the last 12 years while working at Basecamp Explorer Kenya.
  2. Where does your passion for wildlife come from?
    In my village Talek where I was born and grew up, I use to see different wildlife species especially when I took my father’s herd of cows for grazing. During the old days, I would follow my father and brothers to herd the cows and they would teach me about the wildlife we would encounter. I, therefore, developed an interest to be a safari guide from my herding days. When I completed my secondary education, I joined a tour guide college where I studied different aspects of becoming a safari guide. I wanted to share my wildlife knowledge with the world.
  3. What is your favorite part of a Migration Safari and why?
    We all know that the Great Migration is one of the most phenomenal wonders of nature that one can experience in their lifetime. Just to see animals of different species from the wildebeests, zebras, topis, and elands all moving together and filling up the plains of the Mara is so incredible. The reason this is my favourite part of the migration is that the plains of Mara become a feasting ground for many predators. The sights and sounds of Mara are heightened and you are likely to observe hunting from the big cats following the herds and as scavengers like hyenas and vultures having a feast every other day. During this period you encounter a new adventure every day.
  4. What advice do you have for people who are going on a Migration safari for the first time?
    I understand that the expectations may be so high for a first-time safari experience, especially during the Migration season. It is also a once-in-a-lifetime event that is worth experiencing, however, a safari involves a lot. I would advise them to adhere to instructions given to them while on safari and also respect the cultures of the locals. By doing this they will be comfortable and get a chance to interact with locals and enjoy the wealth of culture, wildlife and nature that Masai Mara has to offer.
  5. If you could give travellers one reason why they have to visit Masai Mara in their lifetime, what would it be?
    Indeed, Masai Mara has all that makes travellers want to visit here. I do have one reason to emphasize why they have to visit here, and that is the mass movement of wildlife moving on earth (the Great Migration) which cannot be witnessed anywhere else on earth. At Basecamp we are also cautious about providing sustainable safaris to our guests. While on safari with us, you will learn so much about how to preserve nature, wildlife, and culture from the projects we are supporting so that the next generation can enjoy the same. I would not hesitate to say that Masai Mara is a very adventurous place to visit.

Couple on a Basecamp Explorer game drive, looking at sunset on the savanna in Masai Mara, Maasai guide holding wineglasses, bottle of white wine standing on the hood of the car.


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