Torill Brandal Berge

Woman with pink headband cuddling with husky dogs in Spitsbergen.

Torill was born in the early 80’s while her parents were living in Svalbard, and came into this world just in time to celebrate her first Christmas in Longyearbyen. Her family then moved from Svalbard and she grew up on the west coast of Norway. Even though she loves traveling and visiting new places, Svalbard is always calling her back to the Arctic. The people, the history, the nature, the activities, the mountains, the light and the climate and the charm of the different seasons; it’s all become an everlasting crush.

Her background is within marketing and tourism management, and the jobs chosen throughout the years have always offered adventures. After working onboard the expedition vessel MV Polarstar in Svalbard and Antarctica, and at Hurtigruten MS Nordstjernen along the coast of Norway and Svalbard, she decided to work ashore in Longyearbyen from 2009-2011. However she has spent the five last years living and exploring an active lifestyle in Tromsø, until 2016 brought new opportunities for a return to Svalbard. Together with the Basecamp team she is now happy to welcome you to Svalbard, where we share adventures and leave positive footprints through life changing moments.


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