Rasmus Jacobsen


Rasmus hails from Denmark, and his family brought him into the world of the sea from childhood. He lived on a yacht and was introduced to an alternative way of life including much ecological macrobiotic diet and lifestyle. Ever since he has been keen to run his business eco-friendly, knowing always there are better ways to do what you do. His new adventure with the three-masted schooner SV Linden is a flagship for his eco-profile which he tries to always improve.

Rasmus has worked the oceans for more than 30 years on galleons, square riggs and general transport ships. He also worked with charters on the square-rigger MS Sørlandet. Since 2007 Rasmus became a commercial shipowner, featuring ships for ocean research and ocean windmills in the North Sea.

Now based in Svendborg, Denmark Rasmus takes every opportunity he can to get out on the ocean or on land to hike and hunt.

Read more about Rasmus’ daily life onboard the Linden in this article from CNN.


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