Morten Rostille

Man in snowsuit hiking in arctic landscape.

Morten was born and raised in Lørenskog, Norway.He has studied outdoor activities, sports, and culture in different places both in Norway and Zambia. Over the years, Morten has been looking for even more remote places to live in, which led him eventually to Svalbard. For Morten Svalbard is the place to be as long as he enjoys what he is doing. He loves the outdoors, and wants to share the unique nature experiences with his guests. For Morten, his aim is to get the guests to see the world through natures eyes and realize how fragile the world is. Some of Mortens favorite activities are long expeditions on foot or skis. Over the last last 5 years he has hiked and skied the distance equivalent of Basecamp Spitsbergen – Basecamp Kenya.


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