Marte Mølmann Kåråsen

Marte was brought up in the city Lillestrøm, East of Norway.  Growing up around nature, she soon learned to appreciate its beauty and wonders, and she takes every possibility to learn more about it. Animals are also a passion of hers, so you can never go wrong talking about them.

Her dog sledding career started when she attended the dog sledding class held at Valdres folkehøgskole, where she learned about the Alaska Husky dog and how to travel with them on multiday trips. The year after she joined the Alaskan musher’s kennel Wild and Free. There, she raised puppies, trained professional sled dogs and took care of the kennel’s habitants. Back at the mainland she worked half a year at an animal clinic as a laborant and care taker.

Marte joined Basecamp Spitsbergen this January. Her goal during her guiding trips is for the guests and dogs to have a memorably time in Svalbard’s arctic wonderland, providing happiness, warmth and different topics to talk and learn about. Her philosophy in life is to live and let live, to be a spokesman for animals and nature and to explore every corner of the world with an open mind.


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