Elin Benjaminsen

Elin is born and raised in the southern part of Norway. In younger age she used to think that warm temperatures, sun and tanning was the world’s greatest. But she found out that she like’s to spend time outside in colder temperatures, and enjoy skiing in different forms. Her longest ski-expedition is a Greenland crossing in 2017 and she dreams about crossing Svalbard from east to west in 2020. There is no secret that the nature in southern Norway is quite different compared to the northern Norway. She is fascinated of big mountains, wildlife and raw nature and therefor likes to spend time in the north.

She visited Svalbard for the first time in February 2014, and she fell in love with the Arctic. The light and colours in the sky was so beautiful and snowmobiling is one the funniest thing she can think of. So, she travelled to Svalbard a few times as the years passed by. And she is now back in 2019 together with Kurt Timian (her dog) for a more permanent living and work in Basecamp’s sales team. With a personal desire to create the perfect arctic adventure for guests. And hopefully check off some more from her personal bucket list.


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