Domi Dabrowska

After nearly 10 years living in beloved Granada in Spain, Dominika, called Domi with friends, found a new home in the Arctic. In the past, she used to work with science, but her wild spirit did not let her stay at the laboratory for too long. For her, the outdoors feels like home.

Domi loves the nature, people, dogs and any activity combining people and dogs. She is a happy owner of a husky called Harpa, who was born at a Polish Polar Station in Hornsund, where Domi worked as a meteorologist for one year.

At this isolated station in remote Spitsbergen, she passed entire winter of 2015-2016 in the group of 9 people and 8 dogs. Living in total isolation might sound like something from a movie – and to some extension is was. But Domi enjoyed the thrill of the remoteness. She fell in love with Svalbard and the Arctic. And she gained some critical skills for the Arctic. She learned how to mush huskies, drive snowmobiles, ski and hike on glaciers and ice caves safely and cook dinners, when large groups visited the station. After the adventure in Hornsund, she came to Longyearbyen to work as a guide. She did Svalbard Guide Training Course, SGO and now she is happy to share her arctic experience with Basecamp guests.


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