Daga Wojtanowicz

Woman poking her head out of tent smiling.

Dagmara is a joy spreader from Poland. She is adventurous and thrives to travel around the world and experience new cultures. The happiness is greatest on multi-day trips and after moving to Norway there are longer expeditions with skis and pulka is on top of her touring list.

Daga has a master’s degree in physical subjects. Throughout the study she did much of what we in Norway call outdoor life, as skiing, kayaking, sailing and organizing camps for children with activities outdoors. Her greatest passion is at the same time for photography. Projects have led her to Western Sahara, Greenland and Northern Norway. She studied photography both in Poland and Norway. The recent years she has worked as a full-time photographer. When the possibility of moving to Svalbard same during fall 2017, the choice was easy.

In September 2018, she started working as a host at the Basecamp Hotel. Here you will meet her at the front desk with a big smile and enthusiasm to share her best Svalbard tips with you.


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