Our nature reserves at spitsbergen

Spitsbergen has a total of six national parks and several nature reserves and as much as 65% of Svalbards total area is protected. Despite the long and dark winters the arctic landscape has a rich flora and fauna. It is truly a unique, untouched and fragile environment.

Polar bears, marine mammals, reindeer and many seabirds call this island their home. It is a surprising number of species that roam this landscape dominated by glaciers, mountains and fjords. While at Spitsbergen you will encounter some of these animals and together with the breathtaking landscape they are sure to leave a lasting impression.

An entire life as a trapper on the island of Svalbard

Trappers went north with dreams of the big catch, the free life, and adventure in the vast wilderness.

Coal rush to Spitsbergen

If the gold rush to Alaska was a big step to the unknown, exploring Spitsbergen’s mining opportunities was a step even further. La...


Longyearbyen is a strange mix of Arctic nature and modern technology. Here you can find both high speed internet and polar bears, ...

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