Trapper’s station

The modern home of the Arctic trappers

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Dog yard
trapper's dinner
wooden teepee for sleeping
Starting from 1,290 nok
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the modern Home of arctic Trappers

Trapper’s Station – home to the Arctic trappers and their 90 Alaskan huskies. Raring to take you for a ride through the wild Arctic scenery.

The loud barking of the huskies is the first thing you’ll notice as you approach the Trapper’s Station. Despite the noise they make, the dogs are friendly and eager to take you for a sled ride. Decades ago trappers came north with dreams of freedom and the big catches to be found in the vast wilderness. Soon they would have to cope with the dangers and isolation of the Arctic in the quest for their dreams.

Besides dog sledding, at Trapper’s Station you’ll experience how it was to be a trapper. Listen to the great stories about making a living from winter hunting. We will serve a meal that will take you back to the trappers’ daily lives, and to times of celebration when they would prepare a real feast!

Reindeer skins, warm sleeping bags, fire in the oven and howling dogs outside – this is the true Trapper’s Station just like the old days. Trapper’s Station offers unique possibilities for accommodation and dining.  Welcome to our Gamma, wooden teepee type hut, for a real trapper’s dinner or an expedition style sleepover. The station is also home to for 90 Alaskan huskies, so you can expect some barking once and awhile. Trapper’s Station also have a secondary station, for our staff to sleep in. Many of the trappers back in the old days had several secondary stations that were a couple of days’ walk from their main station, using them when on hunting trips to seek shelter from the harsh weather.


Welcome to our Wooden teepee type hut, the Gamma. Here you will sleep on reindeer skins and in sleeping bags around an open fire. There is no running water or showers at the station, but the outdoor toilet is heated for your comfort. With a very weak mobile signal you really feel like you are out in the wilderness, even though you are only 15 minutes’ drive from the city. Remember that the station houses our 90 Alaskan huskies, so you can expect some barking during the night. All prices include transportation to the station, guide for polar bear guard and breakfast at the station. Trapper’s Dinner at the station can be booked for additional cost.

Starting from 1,290 nok
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Escape the town lights and busy life and join us for a unique Trapper’s Dinner at Trapper’s Station.

Every Tue & Fri
3 hours
All year around
2 course dinner
per person 1,090 nok
Next departure 22nd Jun 2018

The dogs in the summer need just as much love, attention and exercise as in the winter and we are happy to offer summer dog sledding. Instead of being dragged in the traditional way behind a wooden sled, here at Basecamp we have constructed wagons that enable an equally enjoyable and exciting experience.

Every day
3,5 hours
Summer Season
Hot drinks included
Children 690
per adult 990 nok
Next departure 21st Jun 2018

Dogsledding on Spitsbergen is a unique experience. There is only arctic silence around you. Only the panting of the dogs and the scraping of the sled runners against the snow break the complete silence. At this time of the year, you can see northern light throughout the day, so if you are lucky there might be some dancing on the sky on your lunch break.

Every Tuesday
2 days
All meals included
per person 9,990 nok
Next departure 1st Jan 2019

To step outside Longyearbyen will open a door to the wilderness. On this trip, you will not only visit the wilderness, but you will live and feel the arctic around you. Two night in a tent will give you the real feel what the arctic is about. But once entering Isfjord Radio you will be surprised. The contrast between surrounding rough coastal landscape and the modern luxury hotel inside is a sight to behold. It is easy to forget where you are.

23.-27.3 & 6.-10.4.2018
5 days
Winter season
All meals included
Tent & Isfjord Radio
per person 26,990 nok

Follow your dog team to the vast landscape of Spitsbergen. Enjoy the arctic silence around you; only the panting of the dogs and the scraping of the sled runners against the snow break the complete silence. Breath in the arctic as you travel through the unique Spitsbergen scenery, stop for lunch break and set up your own camp for the night.

Every Tuesday
2 days
winter season
all meals included
per person 11,990 nok

Experience magnificent Arctic scenery close up- join us on our unique dog sledge expedition to the west coast of the Isfjorden. During the expedition you will experience the wild and beautiful nature of Spitsbergen.

Coming up in 2020
10 days
Winter season
All meals included
per person 49,990 nok

Follow the footprints of the old explorers! Mush your own dog team across Spitsbergen just like Amundsen did when he reached the magnetic North Pole in 1904 and sleep at our new North Pole Camp.

3 days
Winter season
All meals included
North Pole camp
per person 18,900 nok

An entire life as a trapper on the island of Svalbard

Trappers went north with dreams of the big catch, the free life, and adventure in the vast wilderness.

Be a musher your-self!

There is no better way to travel across the frozen tundra than on a husky-drawn sled. With no engine to interrupt the silence, the...


Longyearbyen is a strange mix of Arctic nature and modern technology. Here you can find both high speed internet and polar bears, ...

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