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Sail the Svalbard Islands

The only way to move around the Svalbard Islands during summer is by sea. M/S Linden is a big, three-masted wooded schooner, and our Basecamp arctic voyager. Standing on deck searching for wildlife or falling asleep to the creaking sounds of a wooden ship, you are at one with the harsh surroundings.

We board and disembark in Longyearbyen and can stop by our remote basecamps out in the wilderness.

The crew loves sailing and is eager to teach you all the tricks. After a few days you will know the basics of sailing and feel like seaman.

The days aboard depends on the wind and the weather conditions. Normally we sail to the next planned destination, anchor up and go ashore using zodiacs.

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S/V Linden

Basecamp Arctic Voyagers’ vessel, S/V Linden is made for the arctic sea and she sails elegantly through the icy waters.

On the field excursions, you are accompanied by our professional guides carrying weapons for polar bear protection.

For every landing, we pick the best places to spot wildlife or learn about the biology, geology and history of the island and we can do several landings during the day. To cover more distance during our voyage, we sail overnight, so when you wake up the next morning, there is new scenery waiting.

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We will board and disembark Linden in Longyearbyen and from here we will explore the different fjords of Spitsbergen. We offer different cruises during the summer season; the weekend cruise will give you a perfect taste of the arctic sailing around Isfjorden area, whereas the midweek cruise takes you further out towards the south or north point of Spitsbergen. In May, when the mountains are still covered in snow we offer ski and sail packages. Our cruises are true expeditions, meaning we will have plans, but the plans can always change. Weather, wind, and ice conditions will determine where and how we travel.

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MORE about the vessel

Basecamp Arctic Voyagers’ vessel, S/V Linden is a three-masted wooden beauty powered with 365 square meters of sail. In favorable winds, she can surpass 12 knots and if the wind is absent, Linden can comfortably travel at 7 knots an hour on her engine. She is well equipped to take you on an adventure in the high Arctic. This schooner is built with love and funding from thousands of supporters in Åland in 1993 as a replica of the original Linden of 1920. She is the biggest wooden schooner in Europe still sailing. Linden is made for sailing the cold Baltic Sea, and her ice-strengthened hull enables her to take on the sea ice in Svalbard’s waters.

There is almost 50 meters of Linden lengthways and 9 meters across. The spacious outdoor viewing decks are a key feature. You have full 360 degrees view of the Arctic landscape with the opportunity to photograph wildlife nearly at eye level. From the rooftop or the top of the mast, you can spot wildlife even further away. Linden offers 5 double private cabins and 2 single cabins with shared bathroom for overnight sails, so you are guaranteed an exclusive experience.

Welcome on board S/V Linden


We have gathered important travel information to make your planning easier. We look at the best time to visit, how to get here and what to pack. We also have a trip level indicator to explain difficulty levels of our adventures. And we have put together a rich and detailed arctic dictionary with all you need to know about an adventure at Svalbard.


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