Facts about S/V Linden

Want to know bit more about S/V Linden? Here are few small facts about the biggest wooden schooner in Europe.

Length: 49.5 meters

Breath: 8.8 meters

Draft: 3.1 meters

Ice class: Ice strengthened hull suitable to sail in Svalbard

IMO number: 8930184

Staff & Crew: 6-7

Speed on engine: 7.5 knots. This is the engine speed with most efficient use of fuel. Max speed is 10.5 knots.

Fuel consumption: 0.8 ton per 24 hrs of normal cruising, 1.1 ton on full speed

Speed on sails: 8 knots average.

Safety: Linden is equipped with all navigation aids and safety equipment for sailing in high arctic waters.


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