Winter activities at Spitsbergen


Snowmobiling across Spitsbergen deliverS the adrenaline rush you need to keep warm

Join us on a heart-stopping journey, and discover one of the world’s final frontiers—a world of snow and ice. Here, the only thing between you and nature is your snowmobile!

Our guide tows a sled behind his snowmobile packed with gasoline, food supplies, an emergency shelter, satellite phone, and a complete change of clothing from boots to hat. The weather can change in an instant in the High Arctic, and you can never be too prepared. Therefore, along with the fully packed sled, our guide slings a high-powered rifle over his shoulder. Are you ready to go?

Join us for a snowmobile trip through the dark polar night on Spitsbergen. In the wilderness it’s just you and surrounding mountains. Faint light peeking over the mountains gives you idea of the south, rest of the world is filled with the arctic polar night .

Every Day
4 hours
Polar Night
Hot drink
Passenger 990
per driver 1,850 nok
Next departure 1st Dec 2018

After more than two months the polar night is slowly losing its grip and the days grow longer. On clear days the sky has different blue colors mixed with pink and purple shades.

16-17.2. & 23.-24.2.2019
2 days
Winter season
all meals included
Isfjord Radio
passenger 6,990
per driver 9,990 nok
Next departure 16th Feb 2019

Join us on snowmobile expedition to beautiful Isfjord Radio at Cape Linnè. Situated about 90 km from civilisation of Longyearbyen you find our remote boutique hotel Isfjord Radio. During the expedition we will ride over glaciers, mountains and frozen fjords, and visit thrilling historical sites.

Wednesday & Saturday
2 days
Winter season
All meals included
Isfjord Radio
passenger 7,190
per driver 11,590 nok

Join us for a trip that really is a balm for your soul. Travel through the arctic scenery, experience the arctic silence and discover a hotel at the end of the world. Top of your adventure with a menu from one of the best kitchen on the island.

every Monday & Friday
3 days
Winter season
All meals included
Isfjord Radio
passenger 11,590
per driver 17,990 nok

Join us for a three-day trip to Nordenskiöld Lodge – the northernmost cabin for commercial trips on Svalbard. About 100 miles northeast of Longyearbyen lays the mighty glacier Nordenskiöld. Just at the foot of the glacier, you can find our new Basecamp Nordenskiöld.

Every Tuesday
3 days
Winter Season
All meals included
Nordenskiöld Lodge
passenger 10,990
per driver 16,990 nok

Experience the true Arctic Treasures around Templefjorden area. Enjoy the excitement of snowmobile driving and experience the arctic wildlife like seals, arctic fox, reindeer and polar bear. Last but not least we will reach the majestic glacier front of Von Post in Templefjorde

On request
8 hours
Winter Season
Expedition lunch
passenger 1,800
per driver 2,990 nok

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