Skiing expeditions in Svalbard

The light, the mountains, the views. Everything is so surreal. Leave your watch and phone behind, and immerse yourself in nature. The pace is relatively slow. There is no hurry. With heavy backpacks or sledges, we keep a steady pace.

Spitsbergen is home to many polar bears and we cross paths from time to time. The guides are experienced and armed, as your safety is our first priority.

Our skiing trips vary in length, price and level of difficulty. Find your next adventure and departure dates below.

Spitsbergen from north to south is considered one of the toughest skiing expeditions there is. 600km of changing weather conditions and tough terrain. At the same time it is also one of the most unique and beautiful trips you can embark on, skiing through untouched arctic landscape.

33 days
Winter seaon
Fully booked 2020
All meals included
Min. age 18
per person 99,900 nok

Adventures and basecamps at Svalbard


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