Northern lights adventures

Polar night experiences at Svalbard


Have you seen the Northern Lights?

It is a heartstopping moment when the aurora appears in the sky. The lights dance across the sky, changing colour and form, growing and shrinking.

Spitsbergen is one of the few places on Earth where you can see the aurora during daytime as well. During the darkest time of the year – November until January – even the daytime sky is so dark you can see the Northern Lights. Join one of your several northern light trips, away from the city lights and enjoy the Arctic darkness.

Escape the town lights and busy life and join us for a unique Trapper’s Dinner at Trapper’s Station.

Tuesday & Friday
3 hours
All year around
2-course dinner
children 790
from 1,090 nok
Next departure 16th Dec 2018

There are three essential things that are vital to the citizens of Longyearbyen; a snowmobile, a rifle for polar bear protection, and a husky. The ones who do not have their own husky, will happily help with others.

We would like to invite you to spend your morning as a husky handler at Basecamp Trapper’s Station, situated 10 km outside of town. Our 90 Alaska huskies are not only excellent sled dogs, they are lovable fur-balls that can never get enough of cuddling. They will be more than excited by your visit and the time spent in our dog yard. Prepare yourself for a lot of fun and muddy paws prints!

Every day
3 hours
Min. 2 / max. 5 partisipants
Hot drinks included
Trapper's station
Min. age 6
per person 550 nok
Next departure 15th Dec 2018

Treat yourself with new knowledge and join us in the footprints of history in Longyearbyen.

Min. 2 participants
No meals included
per person 550 nok

Set high in the Arctic Ocean, the remote Svalbard archipelago extends between 74 and 81° north. It is the northernmost place in Europe and is the farthest north you can travel by scheduled flight.

Svalbard offers Arctic experiences on the edge of the inhabitable world, but it’s not as inaccessible as people might think. Start in the morning from the central Europe and you will be in Longyearbyen by mid-day. And in one of our remote stations by the evening. There are no roads beyond Longyearbyen. Here, you really are on the edge of civilization. Outside the city only, the vast wilderness is waiting for you. Despite its history of coal mining and trapping, Spitsbergen is still mainly pristine wilderness. One of the most fragile ecosystems anywhere on Earth.

4 days
Min. 2 participants
Breakfast included
Basecamp Hotel
per person 7450 8590 nok
Next departure 4th Jan 2019

Accompanied by dogs and our experienced guides you will travel through the beautiful landscape of Spitsbergen, where you can fully enjoy the silence and the magnificent arctic nature. Even though this is the shortest of our tours, the half day dog sledding will give you a taste of the magic which will have you coming back for more.

Every day
4 hours
From snowfall-20.MAY
Min. 3 participants
hot drinks included
children 790
from 1,290 nok
Next departure 15th Dec 2018

Join us for a polar night adventure with snowmobile. Accommodation in a shared wooden teepee at Trapper’s Station.

Every day
1,5 days
From snowfall-28.FEB
Min. 3 snowmobile drivers
Dinner & breakfast included
Trapper's Station
passenger 3,290
per driver 4,990 nok
Next departure 15th Dec 2018

Longyearbyen in Spitsbergen is a perfect getaway weekend destination for the polar night season. Quiet small town close to North Pole surrounded by arctic silence and northern lights.

every day
4 days
min. 4 participants
Basecamp Hotel & Trapper's station
per person 6,800 nok
Next departure 15th Dec 2018

Longyearbyen is a quiet small town close to the North Pole, surrounded by arctic silence and stunning scenery. Join us on an arctic adventure and celebrate the New Year under the northern lights.

5 days
Polar Night
2018 fully booked
Basecamp Hotel
per person in double room 10,990 nok

December and Christmas are coming up, and where would be a better place to spend your holiday than in a small town with true wilderness right outside its doorstep? Close to the north pole and in the kingdom of the polar bears with northern lights illuminating the sky.

We have created the perfect Christmas adventure for both children and adults. A week full of winter activities and true arctic adventures. Let us give you a taste of Christmas.

21.DEC2018 & 22.DEC2019
6 days
2018 fully booked
most meals included
Basecamp Hotel
per person 10,990 nok
Next departure 21st Dec 2018

Dogsledding on Spitsbergen is a unique experience. There is only arctic silence around you. Only the panting of the dogs and the scraping of the sled runners against the snow break the complete silence. At this time of the year, you can see northern light throughout the day, so if you are lucky there might be some dancing on the sky on your lunch break.

Every day
2 days
min. 2 participants
All meals included
Min. Age 15
per person 9,990 nok
Next departure 1st Jan 2019

This is a trip for those who would like to have a special day on foot in the grand Svalbard nature. Normal physics and no prior knowledge of snowshoeing is required.

Mon, Wed, Sat
5 hours
From snowfall-31.JAN
hot drinks included
children 690
per person 890 nok
Next departure 15th Dec 2018

We bring you out from Longyearbyen into the polar night and the search for the magnificent arctic light. The aim of this trip is to experience the arctic silence and the magical darkness, making the moon and stars shine so much brighter. And of course, we hope to see the Green Lady – Aurora, dance above us.

Tue, Thu, Fri, Sun
3,5 hours
1.OCT - 31.JAN
Hot drinks included
children 490
per person 790 nok
Next departure 16th Dec 2018

Join us for a snowmobile trip through the dark polar night on Spitsbergen. In the wilderness it’s just you and surrounding mountains. Faint light peeking over the mountains gives you idea of the south, rest of the world is filled with the arctic polar night .

Every Day
4 hours
From snowfall-15.FEB
Warm drinks
passenger 990
per driver 1,850 nok
Next departure 15th Dec 2018

After more than two months the polar night is slowly losing its grip and the days grow longer. On clear days the sky has different blue colors mixed with pink and purple shades.

16.-17.FEB & 23.-24.FEB
2 days
Min. 4 participants
all meals included
Isfjord Radio
Min. age 15

passenger 6,990
per driver 9,990 nok
Next departure 16th Feb 2019

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