Northern lights

Northern lights in Svalbard

Nature is calling you to see the amazing northern lights. Slip outside and find your place out of range of artificial light. Stop and admire the stars and the sky, while the majestic natural show suddenly will dance across the sky. During the darkest time of the year, from November to January, even the daytime sky is so dark you can see the northern lights. Experiencing northern lights for the first time is something that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Accompanied by dogs and our experienced guides you will travel through the beautiful landscape of Spitsbergen, where you can fully enjoy the silence and the magnificent arctic nature. Even though this is the shortest of our tours, the half day dog sledding will give you a taste of the magic which will have you coming back for more.

Every day
4 hours
From snowfall-May
Min. 3 participants
Warm drinks included
Trapper's Station
Child 6-12 yrs 790
Min age. 6
per person 1,450 nok
Next departure 1st Dec 2019

In four days, we will take you out exploring in the polar night and hopefully the northern lights will appear. Our passion is to give you unique nature experiences and when experiencing the breath-taking dark period of the year, some visitors’ states that the Arctic silence is a cosmos of colours.

Mon, fri
4 days
min. 4 participants
Basecamp Hotel & Trapper's station
Min. age 10
per person 7,500 nok
Next departure 4th Oct 2019

Where would be a better place to spend your holiday than in Longyearbyen, almost at the North Pole? Embark on a week full of winter activities and arctic experiences for both children and adults.

5 days
New Year's
Min. 2 participants
Basecamp Hotel
Min. age 8
per person 12,450 nok
Next departure 30th Dec 2019

December and Christmas are coming up, and where would be a better place to spend your holiday than in a small town with true wilderness right outside its doorstep? Close to the north pole and in the kingdom of the polar bears with northern lights illuminating the sky.

We have created the perfect Christmas adventure for both children and adults. A week full of winter activities and true arctic adventures. Let us give you a taste of Christmas.

5 days
Min. 2 participants
most meals included
Basecamp Hotel
Min. age 8
per person 11,450 nok
Next departure 22nd Dec 2019

This is a hike for the adventurous souls! The darkness of the polar night sweeps over the valleys, while the northern lights, the snow, the moon and the stars illuminate the landscape more than you can imagine. Join us on a hiking experience out of the ordinary.

Wed, Sat
5 hours
Min. 3 participants
Warm drinks included
child 10-12 yrs 690
per person 890 nok
Next departure 2nd Nov 2019

Explore the polar night Longyearbyen’s surroundings together with your Svalbard guide. When leaving the artificial light behind, the views become visible even in the dark. The snow, stars, moon and northern lights can make a cosmos of colour.

Tue, Fri
3,5 hours
Min. 4 participants
Warm drinks included
child 6-12 yrs 490
per person 790 nok
Next departure 1st Oct 2019

Join us for a snowmobile trip through the dark polar night on Spitsbergen. In the wilderness it’s just you and surrounding mountains. Faint light peeking over the mountains gives you idea of the south, rest of the world is filled with the arctic polar night .

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri
4 hours
From snowfall-February
Min. 3 participants
Warm drinks
Passenger 990
Min. age 8
per driver 1,890 nok
Next departure 1st Dec 2019




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