Half day hike at summertime

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Half day hike at summertime

A 4-hours walk with one of our Alaskan Huskies and our Station Guide


Join us on a walking safari on the Arctic tundra and along the shoreline of Spitsbergen’s west coast. The surrounding nature and the views are beautiful and seemingly endless. The Arctic wind will most likely rustle us about during our walk, it is rarely no wind at this coast.

The terrain is more or less flat, and along the way we will see whale bones left behind from the whaling days on Svalbard, driftwood from Siberia and old traps used during the height of the hunting era. The area surrounding Isfjord Radio has been populated by Russian trappers and later by Norwegian technologists since the 15th century.  The length of the trip can vary but it is approximately 10 km.

The bird sanctuary at Kapp Linné is located from the southern wall of the main station building at Isfjord Radio. From the 15th of May until the 15th of August this sanctuary is off limits for any visitors. By walking on the outskirts of the sanctuary and down to the coast on the south side of the station you can get a good understanding for the different birds that inhabit this territory during the summer months.

Our hikes continue to 15th September, and when the birds leave, we will still meet wildlife as reindeer, seals and perhaps a fox.

Warm drinks
Wed, Fri, Sun
4 hours
Min. 4 partisipants
Warm drinks



Guide, polar bear safety and a warm drink along the way.


Beforehand through our web shop, sales team or sign up at Isfjord Radio before 7 pm the day before.


You need to book accommodation at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel in addtion.

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