Hiking & kayaking in Svalbard

Svalbard´s wide-ranging landscape is ideal for hiking and kayaking enthusiasts. You will encounter rugged, barren mountains, often covered with ice and snow, in addition to miles and miles of gentle tundra.

We take you far off the beaten track into the remote wilderness of Svalbard. A wilderness seen by more reindeer and polar bears than by people.

Blue glaciers fronts greet you with fjords full of floating ice, which create loud crunching noises as you paddle past them. Our trips vary in length and difficulty levels. Find your next adventure and departure dates below.

This 3-day program gives you the full adventure program in Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel. Overnight at the wildest hotel in Svalbard, activities every day, 5-course dinners and a proper Arctic Spa. Join in this summer and hunt for the magical moments and wildlife experiences.

3 days
Min. 4 participants
All meals included
Isfjord Radio
Min age. 12
per person 9410 nok
Next departure 3rd Jun 2019

Join us on a unique adventure to Nordenskiöld glacier! On this trip you will be cast far away from Longyearbyen right into the heart of the arctic land and to our Nordenskiöld Lodge. The Lodge lies in front of the magnificent Nordenskiöld glacier.

Every Monday
5 days
1.JUL - 30.SEP
Min. 4 participants
All meals included
Nordenskiöld Lodge
Min. age 15
per person 18,990 nok
Next departure 1st Jul 2019

5 days hiking from Longyearbyen to Isfjord Radio. Experience summery Spitsbergen by hiking through the beutifull Nordenskiöld Land. We start from Longyearbyen and hike over the mountains and through the valleys to Coles Bay and Barentsburgen. After a night in the old russian mining town we continue furher east, to the remote radio station, the last stop before Greenland.

15.AUG & 29.AUG
5 days
Summer Season
All meals included
tent & Isfjord Radio
Starting from 16,490 nok

Welcome to the world’s northernmost commercial cabin. Hidden in the glacier moraine you can find our Nordenskiöld Lodge. Spend your days hiking on the shiny glacier or paddle among the glacier ice, seals and belugas. Here, high up the Arctic, far from any traffic, you get to experience true arctic silence.

Every Friday
3 days
1.JUL - 30.SEP
Min. 4 participants
All meals included
Nordenskiöld Lodge
Min. age 12
per person 10,990 nok
Next departure 5th Jul 2019

On this daytrip you will be cast far away from Longyearbyen right in the hearth of the arctic land.

Thur & Sat
12 hours
min. 4 participants
Expedition lunch and dinner
Min. age 15
per person 3,590 nok
Next departure 4th Jul 2019

This is the trip for those who wish to take a different hiking trip in the breath-taking nature in Spitsbergen. Join our experienced guide on a daytrip on the mountains around Longyearbyen

Mo,, wed, fri & sun
Min. 3 participants
Min. age 10
per person 890 nok
Next departure 1st May 2019

Snowshoes are your ticket into the wilderness. There’s nothing quite like venturing into a breath-taking winter wonderland – and then feeling your feet sink into drifts of snow knee deep. Join our half day snowshoe hike to the close by mountains and glaciers of Longyearbyen – an adventure to the wilderness!

selected dates
5 hours
Min. 3 participants
Hot drink included
child 690
per person 890 nok
Next departure 2nd Oct 2019

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