Dreaming of Newtontoppen

Once in a lifetime dog sledding expedition.

6 days
min. 3 participants
all meals included
Tent & Nordenskiöld Lodge
Min. age 18
per person 36,990 nok
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Dreaming of Newtontoppen

A one-time dogsledding expedition to Newtontoppen (1713 masl) – the highest mountain of Spitsbergen

Immerse yourself in the Arctic wilderness on a dogsledding expedition to Newtontoppen. On this ultimate Arctic expedition you will venture across vast glaciers, frozen sea ice and perhaps deep powder snow, beneath a radiant sun or through an Arctic snowstorm. When travelling through the open and snow-covered scenery you might encounter polar bears, seals, an Arctic fox or the Svalbard reindeer. Our ultimate goal: climbing the summit of Mt. Newtontoppen (1713 masl).

The expedition is suited for active adventurers who are eager to set up tents, feed the huskies and enjoy the Arctic camping life. Join us on a once in a lifetime adventure; a dog sledding expedition to the archipelago’s highest mountain!

Day before

Before heading out in the rough Arctic nature, there will be a mandatory meeting with our Arctic Nature Guide to make sure you are fully prepared for the expedition that lies ahead.

Location: Basecamp Hotel
Start time: 15.00
Duration: 1-4 hours

During the meeting we will go through the planned route for the trip and alternative plans in case of challenging weather conditions. We will also address important considerations that need to be made when packing for the expedition, as well as distribute shared equipment that each participant must bring on the trip. We will go through the tasks that you will be responsible for during the trip; the adventure that we are about to embark upon, the challenges we can meet and how to deal with problems when they arise. If come to the realization that you are in need of more personal equipment or clothing for the expedition, there will be time to go shopping in Longyearbyen before the shops close at 18.00.

Day 1

The day starts early. We pack our backpacks, get the huskies and the sledge on the boat before heading off to Nordenskiöld Lodge in Billefjorden – the starting point of our mushing adventure. The boat will take us to the ice edge before we travel across the sea ice on our dogsleds. This will be a good time to get comfortable and familiar with your team of huskies and how to balance the sledge.

The day is spent getting familiar with the dogs and equipment, as well as getting an introduction to the basics of dog sledding in Arctic conditions. Safety will be our main priority during the expedition, and we have some set rules regarding weather and snow conditions, and of course,  polar bear safety. We finish the day with a tasty dinner in the lodge, soaking in the spectacular view of the Nordenskiold glacier.

Shares rooms
Lunch & Dinner included
Nordenskiöld Lodge

Day 2

After breakfast, we will harness our teams and start our expedition towards Mt. Newtontoppen. The summit is nested in the heart of the spectacular Atom Mountain Range and is the highest peak on Spitsbergen, Svalbard. Very few get the privilege of experiencing the staggering view of pure Arctic wilderness from the roof of Svalbard.

While harnessed to the front of the sledge, the dogs are eager to lead us further into the Arctic land. When we have packed and tested the equipment, we are ready to enter the wilderness; remote and isolated from the rest of the world. The route winds its way north up onto the Nordenskiöld glacier, and at the top of the glacier we can sit back and enjoy a great view of Billefjorden. Before evening falls, we will set up a tent camp, prepare an expedition dinner and climb into our comfortable sleeping bags.

An adventurer’s tip is to never be cold when you slide into the sleeping bag. An often-used trick is to warm the sleeping bag with a bottle of hot water before you slide in for the night. You can use a Nalgene bottle that can handle the heat to pre-warm the sleeping bag. The midnight sun is present in April, and if you like it dark when you are trying to sleep, we recommend bringing a sleeping mask or a buff to cover your eyes. When sleeping in a tent camp without noise isolation or if you are sharing room with others, ear plugs are also a must-bring on any expedition.

Shared tents
All meals included

Day 3

In the morning, the dogs will start to get restless, and we do our best to be efficient when taking down and packing up the campsite. Do not forget to make sure both 2- and 4- legged have had a solid breakfast.

If the weather is good, we will make our way to the foot of  Mt. Newtontoppen, the mighty summit that we are all hoping to conquer. However, we are at the mercey of the snow- and weather gods in this area, and we focus on having a great trip in the beautiful surroundings of the Atom Mountain Range Newton top. Climbing the summit will be a bonus.

We will set up camp for the evening and relax before what is probably going to be the toughest leg of the trip tomorrow.

shared tents
All meals included

Day 4

The day is finally here! Our aim is to climb the final meters to the top of Mt. Newtontoppen – 1713 masl. From the mountain peak on a clear day, we can see all the way to the north side of the archipelago and become one with the ruthless, yet beautiful, Arctic wilderness.

Getting back down from the mountain will not take long. It will almost feel like skiing, but on this day you are being pulled on a sled by a team of eager dogs, so make sure to keep breaking to prevent the sled from running over the dogs. Freeriding will have to wait.

We will set up camp by the foot of the mountain. Even if we did not make it all the way to the top, there will still be plenty of memorable moments to cherish as you enter the dream world.

shared tents
all meals included

Day 5

By now, we are familiar with both each other and the dogs. We will once more wrap up our camp and return to the big and open glacier system. After many days in a tent, you are most likely looking forward to the hot sauna, warm fireplace and the soft beds that are waiting for us at the Nordenskiöld Lodge. Upon arrival to the cabin, we will take care of the dogs and then finally relax inside the hut and enjoy the evening.

shared rooms
All meals included
Nordensiöld Lodge

Day 6

It is time to say goodbye to your faithful dog team and the cabin at Nordenskiöld. You will get boat transfer back to Longyearbyen and we return to civilization in the afternoon. After this experience you will head home with a lifetime of memories!

Breakfast & lunch included

Price information

What’s included?

Activities, accommodation and meals according to the program.
Transport to and from accommodation
Warm clothing: Snowmobile suit, boots, gloves, hat, goggles and balaclava
Search- and rescue insurance

What’s NOT included?

Flights, airport shuttle, drinks with meals, accommodation in Longyearbyen, CO2 investment of NOK 250.

As part of Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen’s efforts to be climate neutral, there will be an additional climate investment charge of NOK 250 per guest. This is donated in its entirety to Basecamp Foundation’s forestry project in Masai Mara, Kenya. The trees bind CO2 and contribute to reducing the effects of emissions associated with our activities – and your travel.


Packing and equipment

Mandatory clothing at Svalbard

Woolen underwear as the base layer
Warm wool or flees trousers & sweater on the top
Two sets of layers of socks (thin & thick woolen socks)
Wind- and waterproof pants and jacket. We recommend spacious clothing because air is the best insulation.
Woolen glowes with wind and waterproof outer gloves
A pair of working gloves or mittens to have when handling the dogs
Warm and windproof hat
Two warm buffs of natural material
Toilet articles
Sunglasses min. category 3
Skiing goggles if you prefer to use your own
Contact lenses (for those using glasses)
Sunscreen factor 50 (not based on water)
Camera and extra battery/power bank for charging
Waterproof pack for personal equipment (40-60 ltr)

Pack all your personal equipment in a couple of small waterproof bags, rather than one big one due to the slim size of the sled. Do note that you need to pack some of the common equipment’s to your sledge as well, and space is quite limited.

Basecamp will provide you with a warm thermos-suit, winter boots, balaclava, extra hat, gloves and googles.

Storage for other luggage during the trip: Basecamp Hotel

Important note

The physical activity, dog sledding, is the main element of this trip. You do not need prior knowledge of the activity, but appropriate personal equipment, general good physical fitness, courage and adventure spirit. Parts of the trip can be demanding due to weather, wind and low temperatures, as well as rough terrain without roads or trails. Other factors that may challenging you is the length and duration of the trip, as well as a steep climb or when you must assist the huskies by pushing the sled in deep snow.

It is not required to have experience in outdoor tenting to join this trip, but you must be willing to learn and actively participate in the tasks required. As part of the expedition, you will participate in feeding and taking care of the dogs, help with collecting and melting snow to get water for cooking and drinking, set up/taking down the camp each day and prepare meals together. Always with supervising from your guide.

Dogsledding adventures are not suitable for persons suffering from back pains. Pregnant women cannot participate on this trip arranged by Basecamp Spitsbergen. Basecamp takes no responsibility to any health issues, due to neglecting this advice.

In Spitsbergen, weather conditions can change quickly. We can meet heavy winds, snowstorms or thick fog, crevasses and lack of snow or ice. This means we might need to make changes to the planned route, and this might lead up us not arriving to the planned destination. It can also mean that we need to use a different transportation style or accommodation than what was described in the program. We will always do our outmost to give our guests a great experience in the Arctic, but we must be aware that characteristics of the destination.

It is required to understand English and follow the guide information. If they cross the limits from the guide, we will return to Longyearbyen. This is of security reasons when operating in the Arctic.

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