Arctic sailing voyage in Isfjorden

On request
4 days
Summer season
12 persons
All meals included
Basecamp Hotel & S/V Linden

Arctic sailing voyage in Isfjorden

4-days arctic sailing voyage in Isfjorden

Looking for an exclusive incentive trip for your devoted employees? Venture on an Arctic sail voyage on our three-masted wooden schooner along the beautiful shores of Svalbard. Get a sense of what the first polar heroes of the North must have felt when the jagged mountains of Spitsbergen unfolded before their eyes. If we are lucky, we get to sail alongside a 200-ton blue whale and a squabble of Ivory Gulls, while we keep scanning the shorelines for the King of the Arctic, a huddle of walruses, the Arctic Fox and the Svalbard Reindeer.

Day 1

At arrival in Longyearbyen, your devoted Basecamp guide will greet you at the airport and transport you to Basecamp Hotel. The hotel will be your basecamp in Longyearbyen, decorated in authentic trapper’s style down to the very last detail. Our reception will be ready to give you a warm welcome and will assist you with all your check-in needs. We get ready for a drive to our Trapper’s Station in Bolterdalen. Sit back and lower your shoulders in a unique and rustic atmosphere, while you enjoy a proper Trapper’s dinner and some dinnertime storytelling.

Basecamp Hotel

Day 2

Breakfast is served at Basecamp Hotel from 7-10 am. There will be time for a city walk or a visit to Svalbard Museum before your sailing adventure begins – or would you perhaps like to try summer dog sledding on wheels? We can also help facilitate a kick-off meeting at Basecamp Hotel which includes lunch service. The guide will meet us in the reception area at 3 pm, and we drive down to the majestic three-masted schooner, Linden. We gather in the salon for some refreshments and a quick safety briefing. The latest ice charts and weather forecasts will determine the route, and our Captain and Expedition leader will together make the last preparations for the voyage. Hopefully, the wind will be in our favor, and we get ready to hoist sails and venture into the pristine Arctic waters. The crew are passionate sailors and will be eager to share their knowledge. With the help of our professional team, you can become a true seaman yourself! Linden is made for the Arctic waters and sails graceful. Later we gather for the captain’s welcome dinner as we continue to sail towards our next destination.

After dinner a non-stop noise from the towering bird cliff greets us and we head ashore. Thousands of female Brünnich’s Guillemots are to lay a single egg each on the narrow cliff ledges above us, and these big black and white auks busy around and fill the air. As we hike across the tundra we need to watch out, the Arctic skuas don’t want us near their nests. The Svalbard reindeer is rather interested in getting a closer look at us. With a bit of luck on our side, we may find the Arctic fox foraging for birds and eggs below the cliffs.

All meals included
S/V Linden

Day 3

On Saturday morning we wake up next to Basecamp’s outpost, Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel. Indulge in unexpected luxury and genuine hospitality at this old radio station packed with history. If you feel like it, join one of your guides for a 2-3 hour hike around the station and the surroundings. After the walk you can enjoy the new scenery sauna at the Isfjord Radio – what a way to finish a hike! Bordering Isfjord Radio is a bird sanctuary, providing new opportunities to spot that Arctic fox bird or egg hunting! Just like the former station manager hosted and served the Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen, Isfjord Radio’s own Michelin star trained chef will prepare and serve us a treat before we embark Linden again.

And the afternoon has more adventure to come. Nearby Isfjord Radio, there are areas where the walrus colonies gather on the beaches. We will check the sites and see if they are home. Will our search for this bewhiskered beast pay off? It’s never possible to know for sure beforehand, but walrus don’t like wind or fog as it makes it easier for polar bears to approach and attack. So, for once, we are hoping for less wind!

All meals included
S/V Linden

Day 4

On Sunday morning we wake up surrounded by wild landscape and glimmering glaciers. First the surreal scene appears silent, but you will discover there is a constant fizz, snap and pop of melting ice releasing trapped air bubbles. Millions upon millions of bubbles are continually released as the glacier melts away underneath the ocean surface. And then it happens. The glacier calves with loud roars and tumbles down into the ocean.

After a hearty and healthy breakfast, we land and hike into the valley in search of geological clues, patterns and fossilized wildlife. Svalbard is a geological hotspot without much vegetation displaying several billion years of history. One treasure trophy found here was a 15-meter-long fossilized Jurassic pliosaurus, the most fearsome carnivorous marine reptile ever to have existed on Earth. Back on the ship, we enjoy lunch before we head back to civilization. Even when closing in on the settlement, keep your eyes for white flashes of up to 4,5 meters of lean blubber crossing our paths. There are groups of white beluga whales in the fjord as we get close to Longyearbyen to drop you off!

Breakfast & lunch included

Price information

What’s included

Activities, accommodation and meals according to the program
Transport to and from accommodation
Rescue suite, hat, boots, gloves & goggles
Search- and rescue Insurance
Personal Flotation Device (PFD) for the boat transfers

Additional charges

Flights, airport shuttle, drinks with meals,, accommodation in Longyearbyen, CO2 investment of NOK 250 per person.

As part of Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen’s efforts to be climate neutral, there will be an additional climate investment charge of NOK 250 per guest. This is donated in its entirety to Basecamp Foundation’s forestry project in Masai Mara, Kenya. The trees bind CO2 and contribute to reducing the effects of emissions associated with our activities – and your travel. For more information, please visit:

Recommended equipment

Recommended clothing in the Arctic: Woolen underwear as base layer, warm wool or fleece trousers with a sweater on top, two layers of socks (thin & thick woollen socks), water- and windproof layer on top (spacious clothing is recommended as air offers the best insulation), minimum of 2 pair of gloves (1 pair of woolen gloves and 1 pair water- and windproof gloves are recommended), a warm hat (windproof), scarf or fleece tube.

Travel necessities: Indoor shoes or extra woolen socks, indoor leisure wear/casual clothing for dinner, toilet articles, sunglasses, sunscreen (not water-based), binoculars, motion sickness pills, camera, contact lenses (for those wearing glasses), small bag/ backpack for personal equipment during excursions and a power adapter plug for European 220 volt. The rest of your belongings you can leave at Basecamp Hotel.

PFD Personal Flotation Device
Please let us know more details if you need a child size PFD so we can ensure we have the correct flotation device for your child.


In Spitsbergen, weather conditions can change quickly. We can encounter strong winds, storms, thick fog, crevasses and lack of snow or ice. This means we might need to make changes to the original route, which might involve alternative destinations. It can also mean that we need to use a different method of transportation  or accommodation than what was described in the program.

Combine your stay with a pre/post night at the most unique hotel in Longyearbyen:

Basecamp Hotel

At the heart of Longyearbyen, the northernmost town in the world, lies the home of the modern arctic trappers. See the walls covered with driftwood, sealskins and objects that illustrate the past and present of life in the Arctic.


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