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3-day summer adventure at the wildest hotel in Svalbard

3 days
Min. 4 participants
All meals included
Isfjord Radio
Min age. 12
per person 8990 nok


3-day summer adventure

Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel offers unique wilderness accommodation 90 km from Longyearbyen. At summer time we have daily boat safaris from Longyearbyen to Isfjord Radio.

Day 1

The day starts early when your guide picks you up from your hotel in Longyearbyen. We will quickly go through todays program, destinations and activities. Once the survival suit has been put on and zipped shut, we will head down to the harbour. We travel across Isfjorden with open RIB boat, and make our first stop by Grumant, an old abandoned Russian minting town. There are plenty of wildlife around the fjord at summertime, and we may get to observe arctic birds, walruses, seals, belugas or bigger whales, or even the polar bear.

We continue our journey towards Barentsburg, a Russian mining town that still operates today. There are around 400 inhabitants and here you might even spot the only cat living on Svalbard. 270 steps will lead you from the harbour to the main street of this distinct town created with colourful houses in a naked landscape. We spend around an hour to 90 minutes here before heading even longer west, to Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel.

Basecamp Isfjord Radio hosts will greet us as we arrive, and a warm 2-course lunch awaits. The old radio station has been transformed to a luxurious hotel with a gourmet kitchen, far into the arctic wilderness. This is the untouched home to walrus, fox, reindeer and polar bears, and we welcome you for three days.

After lunch we head out for a 2-hours walking safari. On the Arctic tundra we will learn more about local knowledge of history, flora and fauna, geology, birdlife/ birdwatching, wildlife such as seals, whales and walruses and the life of a trapper on Svalbard.

Pick up 8AM
Hike 3PM-5PM
Lunch and 5-course dinner
Isfjord Radio

Day 2

This day we invite you for a seven hours hike on the Nordenskiold coast. Join our Isfjord Radio guide on one of our favourite tracks along the old radio poles of the station given three optional route and activity alternatives. The hike will be approximately 10-16 km long depending on route.

Our first choice of route is hiking to Linné Lake where our canoes lie ready to take you out onto this beautiful part of Nordenskiøld Land. We will paddle or walk along the shoreline surrounded by stunning geological grounds. Around the lake you can often spot the Svalbard Rock Ptarmigan and the Arctic Fox in its summer coat. If we reach the area of Kongressen, we are in a nice place to search for fossils and stop for lunch. Mountains surround you and it feels like you are in a magical world. A more stunning setting for a picnic is hard to come by!

Another choice of route is to follow the coast south towards Båtodden. We will walk by beautiful Greig mountain and looking out on the ocean your view is towards Greenland. We will stop by big whale bones and a small trappers hut for lunch before we reach a beach where there potentially is a walrus colony. They have returned to the Nordenskiold Coast a few summers, and we do hope they will return next year as well.

The different seasons with its flora and fauna define our trip underway, and the length of the canoe trip is varied due to the weather and experience of the participants.

Hike 9AM-4PM
All meals included
Isfjord Radio

Day 3

Join us on a walking safari on the Arctic tundra and along the shoreline of Spitsbergen’s west coast. The surrounding nature and the views are beautiful and seemingly endless. The Arctic wind will most likely rustle us about during our walk, it is rarely no wind at this coast.

The terrain is more or less flat, and along the way we will see whale bones left behind from the whaling days on Svalbard, driftwood from Siberia and old traps used during the height of the hunting era. The area surrounding Isfjord Radio has been populated by Russian trappers and later by Norwegian technologists since the 15th century.  The length of the trip can vary but it is approximately 10 km.

The bird sanctuary at Kapp Linné is located from the southern wall of the main station building at Isfjord Radio. From the 15th of May until the 15th of August this sanctuary is off limits for any visitors. By walking on the outskirts of the sanctuary and down to the coast on the south side of the station you can get a good understanding for the different birds that inhabit this territory during the summer months.

Our hikes continue to 15th Septemebr, and when the birds leave, we will still meet wildlife as reindeer, seals and perhaps a fox.

We return to Isfjord Radio for our 2-course lunch and head back to Longyearbyen at 3PM.

Hike 9AM-1PM
Breakfast and lunch
Isfjord Radio

Price information


Boat safari to and from Longyearbyen
Two nights in double/twin room at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel
5-course dinners, breakfast, 2-course lunch on arrival and departure day, coffee and tea
Walk of the day and story teling from the station on arrival day
Full day hike incl. expedition lunch on day 2
Half day hike on day 3
Transport to and from hotel/guesthouse in Longyearbyen
Sightseeing in Barentsburg
Car transfer to harbor and back
Equipment: Flotation suits, hats and goggles
Guide with emergency and safety equipment
Search- and rescue insurance


Accommodation in Longyearbyen, single room at Isfjord Radio, personal travel insurance, drinks and own spendings. CO2 investment of NOK 250 per person.

CO2 & enviroment investment

As part of Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen’s efforts to be climate neutral, there will be an additional climate investment charge of NOK 250 per guest.  This is donated in its entirety to Basecamp Foundation’s projects in Masai Mara, Kenya.

Basecamp Explorer Foundation is a non-profit organization working with local communities to safeguard nature. Together with our Basecamp Explorer Kenya, we are one of the most innovative and rewarded tourism operators within sustainable tourism.


Recommended equipment

Recommended clothing in the Arctic: Woolen underwear as the base layer, warm wool or flees trousers & sweater on the top, two layers of socks (thin & thick woolen socks), windproof layer on the top (spacious clothing is recommended since air is the best insulation),  gloves, warm hat (wind proof), scarf or flees- tube.

Good to have with you: Indoor shoes or extra woolen socks, indoor leisure wear/ casual clothing for dinner, toilet articles, sunglasses, sunscreen, binoculars, camera, small bag/ backpack for personal equipment during the  trip, rest of your belongings you can leave to Basecamp Hotel.


This trip is not suitable for persons suffering from back pain. Pregnant women cannot participate on any snowmobile, dog sledding or boat safaris arranged by Basecamp Spitsbergen. Basecamp takes no responsibility to any health issues that should arise as a result of neglecting this advice.

In Spitsbergen, weather conditions can change quickly. We can meet heavy winds, snowstorms, thick fog, crevasses and lack of snow or ice. This means we might need to make changes to the original route, which might lead to alternative destinations. It can also mean that we need to use a different method of transportation or accommodation than what was described in the program.

Combine your stay with a pre/post night at the most unique hotel in Longyearbyen:

Basecamp Hotel

At the heart of Longyearbyen, the northernmost town in the world, lies the home of the modern arctic trappers. See the walls covered with driftwood, sealskins and objects that illustrate the past and present of life in the Arctic.

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