Min. age 15
per person 21,900 nok
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Arctic Bird Watching

“In order to see birds, it is necessary to become a part of the silence” -Robert Lyndon.

For 6 days you will have the pleasure of observing and photographing the abundance of birdlife that Svalbard has to offer together with your local expert and guide. At this time, we have left the silence of winter behind and entered the exciting season of bird migration. Every cliff, lake and wetland are teeming with life. Join us at the end of the world for an exceptional and educative bird watching tour.

Day 1

On arrival at Longyearbyen airport, your guide will be waiting for you to bring you to Basecamp Hotel.

In the afternoon your guide will pick you up for your first photo opportunity by the sea in Adventdalen valley. Here you can find nesting birds in the wet area near town. At 7 pm we go by car to the Trappers Station in Bolterdalen. Your host will welcome you and tell stories and show artefacts from a trapper’s life in Spitsbergen. We go inside the warm trapper’s cabin where a 2-course dinner is served. Transport back to Longyearbyen in the evening.

Dinner included
Basecamp Hotel

Day 2

Breakfast is served from 7 am. We pack our bags and check out from our rooms for now. At 10 am you will be picked up by your guide who will bring you to our Expedition office. We study the map and go through the route and safety instructions before you are supplied with a survival suit. We then head to the harbor, where our open boat will take us westwards. Along the way we will stop at the bird cliffs outside Grumant to study and photograph birds like Guillemots, Little Auks and Puffins. Northern Fulmars cruising along the boat will accompany us as we speed along the fjord!

If we are lucky, we might see whales on the way to Isfjord Radio and Kapp Linné. Upon arrival your hosts at Isfjord Radio will give you a warm welcome. We bring our luggage inside, check into our rooms and sit down for lunch.  In the afternoon you will have a short briefing about the coming days by your tour leader and your guide in ‘Linnérommet’ – our conference room. Here your local expert will tell you what birds you may encounter during your stay. The rest of the first day will be spent around the bird reservoir surrounding the hotel.

All meals included
Isfjord Radio

Day 3

Breakfast is served from 8 am. At 10 am we will board the boat for an exciting safari to the north side of the fjord. The route will be east along the coastline before crossing Isfjorden at Kapp Starostin and go straight to the mighty bird cliffs of Alkehornet with thousands of nesting birds. The main species are Puffins, Guillemots, Black Guillemots and Northern Fulmars. Not only can you enjoy the seabirds but also reindeers and Arctic foxes that both benefit from the bird colony. There will be time for photography and to get a bit closer to the noisy cliffs and its inhabitants.

We return to Isfjord Radio in the afternoon to relax with a cup of coffee and a pastry, enjoying a talk and learning about seabirds and coastal birds, held by your local expert. At this seminar there will also be possible to build your own Snow Bunting birdhouse to help the Buntings with their nesting in springtime.

Dinner will be served at 8 pm. After that there will be more time to relax and talk about your day or just enjoy the views and birds from the living room window. During this period the station is surrounded by Arctic Terns (watch your heads!), Eider ducks, Snow Buntings and different kinds of geese. The station is teeming with activity and you won’t have a dull moment!

All meals included
Isfjord Radio

Day 4

After breakfast we meet in the Linné room for a talk about the coming day and a seminar about the wetland birds. Today we hike up to Linné lake and along the way we can study the wetland birds in all the smaller lakes and puddles that dominate the landscape.

We will see birds like Purple Sandpipers, Ruddy Turnstones and Red Throated Divers. And of course, a lot of geese, mainly the Barnacle Goose but also the Pink Footed Goose and on rare occasions the Brent Goose.

Up at Linné lake there are canoes for those who wish to venture out on the lake, for those who are more comfortable on land there is plenty to see around the lake. Your guide will make a fire and lunch will be prepared. The stillness of the lake will give you time to enjoy some quiet time and just admire the surrounding mountains.

After a long day of hiking and paddling you will come back to the hotel. Dinner will be served as per usual at 8 pm.

For those who wish the sauna will be available and for the brave ones, a dip in the fjord! And for those who just want to enjoy the view we will light a fire down by the fjord.

All meals included
Isfjord Radio

Day 5

On the last day we will focus our attention to the mountain birds. After yet another tasty breakfast we will head out along the beautiful foot of Grieg mountain. Along the way we will of course encounter more of the wetland birds and coastal birds. The most common mountain bird here is the Arctic Skua which we will most definitely see. Then there is also the chance of spotting the Long-Tailed Skua and the Great Skua. If you get high enough, you might also see the Svalbard Rock Ptarmigan though they can be hard to spot in their summer plumage!

We will head back to the hotel for lunch before getting getting back in our survival suits and into the boats, you will be back in town around 5 pm. Your bird watching days at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel has come to an end but you will go back home with lots of memories, wind ruffled hair and rosy cheeks!

Breakfast and lunch included
Basecamp Hotel

Day 6

Breakfast from 7 to 10 am. Last chance to do some shopping or visit the museum before departure. We recommend a walk in Longyearbyen Valley, following the mountain up you can spot more birds. Ask the reception for directions.

Transfer to airport by coach to catch your flight. With the suitcase full of memories..


Breakfast included
6 days
Min. 4 participants
Most meals included
Isfjord Radio and Basecamp Hotel

Price information

What’s included?

Accommodation in double/twin room
Meals according to the adventure program
Coffee and tea at your hotel and on the activities
Activites and transports in accordance to the program
Equipment: Flotation suits, hats and goggles for the boat ride
Guide with emergency and safety equipment
Search- and rescue insurance

Additional charges

Personal spendings, drinks with meals, private equipment and travel insurance
Single room supplement at Basecamp Hotel and at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel

More than travel

As part of Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen’s efforts to be climate neutral, we add an additional CO2 and enviromental investment of NOK 250 per guest.  This is donated in its entirety to do good projects contributing to a sustainable future in our destinations.

Clothing and equipment

Despite Spitsbergen’s northern location, the archipelago has a relatively mild climate compared to other areas on the same latitude. In summer, the average temperature in Longyearbyen is approximately 5 ° C. There is normally very little rain, although it is not unusual that there is fog and low clouds. Even if there is little rain, the ground is often wet due to the melting snow. Cold wind is usual even during the summer season. The weather on Svalbard changes quickly, and local variations can be huge – so it is better to have little bit too much clothes with you. Bring maximum one backpack of personal equipment and we will store additional luggage at Basecamp Hotel in Longyearbyen.


Open RIB boat safari is not suitable for persons suffering from back pains. Pregnant women cannot participate on any snowmobile, dog sledding or boat safaris arranged by Basecamp Spitsbergen. Basecamp takes no responsibility to any health issues, due to neglecting this advice.

In Spitsbergen, weather conditions can change quickly. We can meet heavy winds, snowstorms or thick fog. This means we might need to make changes to the planned route, and this might lead up us not arriving to the planned destination. It can also mean that we need to use a different transportation style or accommodation than what was described in the program. We will always do our outmost to give our guests a great experience in the Arctic, but we must be aware that characteristics of the destination.

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