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How to get to North Pole Camp

North Pole Basecamp is a mobile tented camp., we change the location throughout the season and year after year. This is a new adventure every time even for the experienced Spitsbergen travelers!

North Pole Basecamp offers modern camping in the arctic wilderness. After a long day travelling like a Polar Explorer, arriving at the North Pole Basecamp for a good dinner, few drinks and storytelling takes you to another world. Here you get to appreciate the small things, normally taken for granted; heated tents, soft beds and indoor toilet all feel bit luxuries out here.

Experience magnificent Arctic scenery close up- join us on our unique dog sledge expedition to the west coast of the Isfjorden. During the expedition you will experience the wild and beautiful nature of Spitsbergen.

10 days
Winter season
All meals included
per person 49,990 nok
Next departure 21st May 2018

Follow the footprints of the old explorers! Mush your own dog team across Spitsbergen just like Amundsen did when he reached the magnetic North Pole in 1904 and sleep at our new North Pole Camp.

3 days
Winter season
All meals included
North Pole camp
per person 18,900 nok

“West coast or death” These words represent the toughness of the arctic nature and the rough conditions also at Spitsbergen. However, when we leave Longyearbyen, fortunately we do not need to set our own lives at stake. Basecamp Spitsbergen is proud to offer you one of the most challenging dog sledge trips on the archipelago in a well-planned and safe way.

Coming in 2019!
7 days
Winter season
All meals included
per person 34,990 nok

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