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Experience unforgettable safaris in Masai Mara and Mara Naboisho Conservancy. We have a full range of safari activities such as day and night game drives, guided walking safari by the Maasai, wellness activities including massage and yoga and community visits  Take advantage of our special offers:

Get a free night in Masai Mara when you book any of the safaris below. This offer is valid for you, your family and friends for new bookings made by 31st May with stays from 1st April to 15th June 2019.


This 4-night safari allows families to discover and experience the wonders that Masai Mara has to offer. The diverse and wildlife-rich plains of the Masai Mara Reserve and Mara Naboisho Conservancy offer the perfect backdrop for unforgettable safari days, while at night you’re invited to cozy up in the comfort of your tent nestled in the wilds of Africa’s stunning landscape. There is always a watchful eye of an experienced Basecamp Explorer guide available, to ensure the children are kept busy and safe, while the parents can relax and enjoy their stay.

Every day
5 days
all year around
minimum 2 persons
all meals included
Basecamp Masai Mara & Eagle View
low season 1,540 1,760 usd
Next departure 26th Apr 2019

Experience the ultimate safari adventure in the world-famous Maasai Mara and private Naboisho Conservancy. As a small and personal company we tailor-make all our safari programmes. Each element of the following Classic Safari Itinerary can be changed to suit your personal preferences.

Every Day
6 days
all year round
Minimum 2 persons
all meals included
Masai Mara, Wilderness, Eagle View
low season 1,850 2,050 usd
Next departure 26th Apr 2019

During the Green Season from April to June, the long rains transform the vast Mara plains into a green landscape as fresh grass and leaves emerge. The rains are often short and sporadic in the morning and evening, with plenty of sunshine in between the day. This season allows guests to enjoy an endless array of spectacular wildlife sightings. There is also plenty of good photographic opportunities, and the green scenery and comfortable temperatures enable guests to enjoy a truly laid back safari experience. Our green wilderness safari is tailor-made to take advantage of the best opportunities to observe the diverse wildlife in rich habitat areas.

Every Day (April-June)
5 days
Green Season
Minimum 2 persons
All meals included
Wilderness, Eagle View
low season 1,520 1,720 usd
Next departure 26th Apr 2019

Safaris and basecamps in Masai Mara, Kenya


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