Basecamp Explorer has been featured in numerous magazines and online articles around the world.

Oracle Time Magazine

SPOT THE POLAR BEARS IN NORWAY.. Orcale Time Maganize listed Basecamp Spitsbergen as one of the Great Escapes featuring Isfjrod R...


An interesting article about the paining job done at Isfjord Radio. Read the full article in PDF.


This is why Spitsbergen is so wonderfull at summer time Interesting article in Norwegian Travel magazine Reiselyst about summer a...

Lonely Planet

Svalbard: the sound of silence At 78° north, Svalbard is both the largest continuous wilderness in Europe and the final frontier ...


Turistboom på Svalbard: - Barna lærer å rope «no photos»

Baltic Travel Blog

Svalbard in Technicolour: Flying over the southern part of the Svalbard archipelago in the early afternoon, the warm rays of sunli...

Evening Standard

10 adventure trips to add to your travel bucket list for 2017


Read about the amazing food at Isfjord Radio form the Norwegian Dagbladet. 


This is a holiday you never forget. Isfjord Radio was listed 3rd on Dagbladet holiday of Dreams. 

High North News

Online article about Store Norske and Basecamp Svea opening for tourits.

VG magazine

Basecamp Spitsbergen new product is presented in the VG newspaper: Mining town Svea opens for Svalbard tourists for the first time...

Harvest Magazine

Read an interesting article about life in Ny-Ålesund in Norwegian: FELTARBEIDET, FORSKEREN OG DEN ARKTISKE NATUREN.


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