Top Tips for a Stress-free Family Safari

A family safari holiday is on the wish list for many parents and if you get the details right, a trip to experience Africa’s amazing wildlife can be the ultimate adventure for both parents and children. Choosing camps that have family accommodation, offer flexibility around your children’s schedules, easily adaptable meal times and kiddie-friendly menus, and amazing activities for children is key. Here are our Top Tips for Stress-free Family Safaris!

  1. Make your children a part of the planning

Keep your children engaged and interested both before and during travelling. Asking your children what they want to do and factoring that into your planning is a great way of keeping them happy. Particularly when you’ve got older kids or teenagers who might be harder to please, letting them know that you’re bearing them in mind is important.

  1. Make early preparations

For some parents, the idea of taking their child to the airport or on a plane is enough to ground them until their child has turned 18. However, there is nothing to be afraid of, as long as you prepare. Pre-pack snacks, toys, and games to keep them interested during the travels.

  1. Pick the right accommodation

Where you’re staying can have a massive effect on your holiday experience, so make sure you’ve picked the right place. When you’re travelling with the children and especially if you’re thinking of going away with friends a family room makes a perfect choice. You’ve got shared spaces, a kitchen to whip up food whenever you like and you can let the children do as they, please.

  1. Keeping the children engaged

While making accommodation reservations, seek out fun activities that they’d like to do, such as a cooking or baking session, board games night, or even venturing out and exploring the bush. Doing activities with your child is also a great way to bond and spend quality time together.

  1. Carry snacks

Sometimes, it takes longer to get to the next meal than you anticipate. It could be because you were on a tour that went over time, traffic was bad or you got a bit lost! And hungry children are a recipe for stress. Carrying healthy snacks around with you is a great way of nipping this problem in the bug and ensuring a well-fed family at all times.

  1. Pack a medical kit

Children will always be children hence scrapes falls, and bruises are part of growing up. When you’re traveling with your children, having a simple medical first aid kit could come in handy. Pack your kit with the essentials such as Band-Aids, disinfectant spray, and ibuprofen. Depending on where you plan on traveling, you might want to customize what you bring in the kit. Think of your location and the most likely ways your children might get hurt, and pack ahead of time.

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