Mara Naboisho Wildlife Update; January 2018

The arrival of the unusual rains after a long dry spell has brought relief to the wildlife in Masai Mara. For this reason, it was a good opportunity to witness how Masai Mara comes alive as the dry landscapes of the Mara transform into lush, green plains.

Aside from all the much needed new vegetation that sustains the wildlife, the diversity of plains game has been recorded to be vibrant.  The number of zebras has increased often seen in small breeding herds. Together with the above sightings, the Rangers also record witnessing plenty of wildebeest around. Most of them are expected to start giving birth in February.

Big Cat sightings also continue to be exceptional. The Rangers have recorded a number of the big cats including four leopards who have been commonly seen together consisting of a female with 2 cubs and a male with a possible sign of mating.

Another big cat sighting has been that of the three main Naboisho lion prides. They have been spotted in a number of game drives as they continue to roam around and actively hunting the remnant wildebeests and resident herbivores.

Unfortunately, the Rangers also recorded that a bull elephant was found dead at Olesere River near Enoronkon. The carcass was about three days old. It was not established what had killed it since it was already eaten by hyenas. The Rangers concluded that it died a natural death.

The identity of the elephant was later discovered to be a very old male who had been staying around Noolera lugga and KGS area. A good thing though is that the tusks were found intact and were removed weighing 31.95 kgs. The tusks were then handed over to the Kenya Wildlife Service.

In another unfortunate incident, a female cheetah which had given birth to four cubs lost two of them this month. Rangers record rarely sighting them from mid of January.


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