Mara Naboisho Wildlife Report; September 2017

September was a lovely month in the Masai Mara. The days were warm and there was plenty of great wildlife viewing.  Of course, the highlight at this time of year was watching the comings and goings of the great migration, where most of the action took place. At the time of writing, moderate-sized herds of wildebeest were still roaming the vast plains with no hurry to leave the heart of the Mara and who could blame them? The Grass levels throughout the reserve are short with a green flush that has been induced by the little rain we have had.

Game viewing is never dull in the Mara and patience is often rewarded with unique sightings. The conservancy rangers have had good sightings of the Big Cats on the conservancy, especially with lions and cheetahs. Since the grass levels are low in most areas, the cats were easily spotted regularly all through the month.

The Conservancy remains home to lots of elephant families who feed on the soft grass and fruiting forest trees. Together with the above sightings, the Rangers also recorded to witnessing a lot of baby elephants at the moment. Many young calves can be seen within the breeding herds on the vast Mara Naboisho plains.

An elephant was found with an injury to its right front leg which seemed to be a spear wound but was later treated and he was seen by rangers near Ilbaan valley with some recovery. It was rather unfortunate that a young elephant was found dead at Molibany area. The cause of death is still unknown because its carcass was already eaten by hyenas. Both its tusks were found intact and removed by the conservancy rangers, ready for collection by KWS officers. Jasmina a lioness from Enesikiria pride, lost her 3 cubs. She first lost 2 of her cubs in the middle of the month to a suspected buffalo attack. She managed to rescue one but she recently lost that last one.


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