Experience the thrilling adventure of a night game drive

With Basecamp, game drives in Mara Naboisho Conservancy and Masai Mara National Reserve provide days of endless adventure!!

Photo by Knut Bry / Tinagent

Depending on the park you visit, it is possible to experience a night game drive safari. In Kenya, most National Parks and Reserves are closed and off limits as soon as dusk sets in. But in the private concessions such as Mara Naboisho Conservancy, the policies offer more freedom to experience unique safari activities including night game drives.

When staying at Leopard Hill, Eagle View or Wilderness Camp in Mara Naboisho Conservancy it is possible to experience a night game drive. This is nothing short of thrilling adventure as the vast numbers of predators are out during the night offering you a chance to experience a world of Africa’s nocturnal predators. Naboisho Conservancy is renowned for its high density of Lions currently estimated at about 70 identified lions.

Photo by Knut Bry / Tinagent

During night game drive, you have a higher chance of spotting the lion hunting their prey or spotting other cats who are also active during the night. This makes a night game drive an exceptional experience. Except for cheetahs, most cat species sleep during the day and it is not until the sun goes down that the excitement starts. A whole new world of other nocturnal wildlife species awaits you on a night game drive. At night it is also possible to spot other smaller wildlife including civet, bush baby, porcupine, elephant shrew, and honey badger.

What to expect from a night game drive in Mara Naboisho

As the sun sets, our guide will select an acacia tree where you will stop for a sundowner, a classic part of our safari routine. Sip your drink as you watch the amazing African sunset. Night game-drives in Mara Naboisho start just before sunset and end late in the evening. Please note that these timings act as a guideline only. During the night game drive, your guide will place infrared lights on your open safari vehicle to ensure you have great views of wildlife encounters.

Photo by Knut Bry / Tinagent

Your guide will share expert knowledge and information about each nocturnal species and their behavior giving you a completely different perspective of the nightly African savannah. It is also thrilling to just switch off the car engine and listen to the sounds of the night whilst gazing at the starry African sky.

When staying at our camps in Naboisho Conservancy, a night game drive is included as part of your safari activity. It is such a unique encounter to explore the wild under the stars of tropical Africa you should experience one.

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