If you think Green Season is the wrong time to go on a safari, you have got to read this!

The green or rainy season in Kenya begins roughly from late March lasting more or less until the end of June. In Masai Mara, the rains fill the rivers and waterholes, bringing renewed life and transforming the landscape into a lush green landscape. The seasonal rains are often short and sporadic in the morning and evening, with plenty of sunshine between the day. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider traveling to Masai Mara during the rainy season, particularly if you have been on safari in Africa for a time or two and would like to explore a different wildlife experience.

Good Wildlife Viewing Opportunity

Many animals give birth in the wet seasons when food and water are in plenty. This is a good opportunity to watch as baby animals discover their world for the first time. Expect to see lots of baby elephants, lion cubs, young impalas, and zebras among other wildlife. It is also a good time to see the dramatic life-and-death scenes of predator and prey interactions as they take full advantage of the plenty of inexperienced younger prey.

Enjoy An Exclusive Experience

The green season is one of the quietest times of the year, visitor numbers are low. Fewer people mean a more exclusive experience meaning that you will often have sightings all to yourselves. This adds to a better wilderness experience at Masai Mara.

it’s a Great Time for Photography

During the green season, the air is clean making for wonderful photography opportunities. The intense cloud formations and sunsets are ideal for photographers. Instead of the lion disappearing completely into the background of dry branches and leaves in the photo, they are now visible and stand out in sharp contrast to the vibrant green background.

Enjoy Low Season Rates

All our camps offer amazing stays at a fraction of the cost of high season, meaning that you can have a wonderful experience at an incredible price. Contact us for details

the best time for Exceptional Bird Watching

Birds are far more abundant during the rainy season, especially migratory birds. Most of them tend to wear their colorful mating plumage. You will be amazed and entertained by the many different species you will see during the green season.

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