Walking safaris

Walking safaris in Masai Mara

Basecamp walking safaris in Masai Mara capture the rhythm of the Maasai people. Walking with the Maasai is a transformative experience that will bring you closer to nature, and indeed, to yourself.

Walking on the Savannah is a truly exceptional experience only permitted inside private conservancies such as Mara Naboisho Conservancy. Enjoy privacy and get close to the African nature while staying in our safari camps allowing you to access wildlife-rich areas in Masai Mara.

Every Day
5 days
From July
Minimum 4 persons
all meals included
Eagle View, Dorobo & Leopard Hill
USD 2,455 Mid-Season
High Season 2,670 usd

The savannah is the ultimate safari destination that captures the heart, mind and soul of any traveller. Follow the Mara game trails deeper into the pristine wilderness as you experience and marvel at the nature that surrounds you. Walk on the same path as the elephants and other wildlife, feel the blowing wind as you hear a lion roar in the distance. Your senses will awaken, as the wilderness becomes part of your environment.

On requested dates
7 days
Minimum 4 persons
All meals included
Eagle View and Dorobo Mobile camp
USD 2,985 Mid -Season
High Season 3,305 usd

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