Walking safaris in Masai Mara

Basecamp walking safaris in Masai Mara capture the rhythm of the Maasai people. Walking with the Maasai is a transformative experience that will bring you closer to nature, and indeed, to yourself.

Your Maasai guide will prepare you well for everything that is going to happen, and make sure you stay safe all the way. We can take you on a short walk out of your camp, or we can go for several days of walking safaris combined with sleeping in the bush.

Our walking safaris differ in length and price. They include staying at Eagle View, Wilderness and Dorobo. You can read more about the camps in our basecamp section.

Walking on the Savannah is a truly exceptional experience, only permitted inside private conservancies such as Naboisho Conservancy. The length and intensity of our Walking Safaris can be adjusted to suit guests’ preferences and fitness levels.

Every Day
4 days
all year around
Minimum 2 persons
all meals & drinks included
Eagle View, Wilderness
high season 1,730
low season 1,430 usd
Next departure 17th Feb 2019

The savannah is the ultimate safari destination that captures the heart, mind and soul of any traveller. Follow the Mara game trails deeper into the pristine wilderness as you experience and marvel at the nature that surrounds you. Walk on the same path as the elephants and other wildlife, feel the blowing wind as you hear a lion roar in the distance. Your senses will awaken, as the wilderness becomes part of your environment.

On requested dates
6 days
4 persons
All meals included
Wilderness, Dorobo, Eagle View
high season 2,430
low season 1,930 usd
Next departure 1st Jun 2019

Experience the magic of the African Bush on foot with Basecamp Explorer where you not only get to see Africa’s magnificent landscapes and wildlife but you’ll also get to hear, smell, feel, taste and intimately sense what our earliest ancestors and later explorers experienced travelling on foot. This adventure is perfect for active and adventurous travellers who want something different out of their bush experience. Get up close and personal with Africa’s wildlife, while treading the same path’s our ancestors did.

Every Day
4 days
All year round
4 persons
All meals included
Wilderness, Dorobo, Eagle View
High season 1,680
low season 1,380 usd
Next departure 17th Feb 2019

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