Young Explorers’ Club

There is always something immensely unique & special about embarking on an authentic Masai Mara safari with your family. Witnessing the amazement of a child who spots their first cheetah, who learns the names of countless wildlife is indeed a special and rewarding experience.

As a family-oriented company, we have upgraded our Young Explorers’ Club, a children’s adventure program at Basecamp Explorer Kenya, to make trips to the Mara more exciting for both parents and their children. Since its establishment, the club has become one of the main highlights for families staying with us both at Basecamp Masai Mara and Wilderness Camp.

We aim to teach children about the environment and nature while at the same time offer them an opportunity to have fun within the camp environs. The selected activities are conducted with the help of our friendly Maasai guide, a dedicated expert naturalist who oversees all the children’s activities to keep them entertained throughout your stay.

Please note that our Young Explorers’ Club activities are tailor-made depending on the age of the children and subject to their length of stay. Most of the activities will take place every morning and afternoon and parents may choose to either engage in the learning expedition with their kids or opt to have a few hours to themselves.

Wildlife Tracking

Walk around the camp identifying various wild animals and birds using different ways, such as listening to bird sounds, looking at the animal droppings, bone formation, or their footprints.

Guided nature walks

Identify plants and trees and learn about their traditional benefit and uses within the community.

Bush Survival Skills

Learn the Maasai’s traditional livelihood techniques. Craft a bow and arrow using local materials. After training on bush survival skills, test your skills by trying to throw a Maasai club or hunting using your bow and arrow, for a prize.

Bead Work

Learn how to bead traditional Maasai bracelets and necklaces with the help of the Maasai ladies, which can be taken home as a souvenir.

Star Gazing

At night look up into the sky and learn about the stars, which on most nights will include getting a good view of all the main constellations. This can be done before or after dinner.


Enjoy listening to authentic myths and folk stories explain a cause, origin, or reason for something or how a crisis is solved in society. Watch as the Maasai do their jumping dance around the campfire.

Traditional Face Painting

Take part in decorating one’s face in various patterns and shapes using Masai cultural materials.

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