Animals of Masai Mara

What animals can I see in Masai Mara?

Photo by Knut Bry / Tinagent

Journey with us on a game safari that lets you witness nature’s greatest wildlife spectacles. Our expert Masai guides are always ready to reveal to you the secrets of the savanna. Masai Mara Game Reserve is a renowned park that offers wonderful wildlife viewing throughout the year. The Masai Mara plains are commonly dominated by an incredible variety of mammals. From large herds of herbivores which include the wildebeest, zebra and Thompson’s gazelle to the famous “Big Five”.

The wildlife population in Mara River includes hippos that submerge at the approach of a vehicle, only to surface seconds later to snort and grumble their displeasure. It is also home to the Nile crocodile, the continent’s largest reptile. On several occasions you will spot drowsy crocodiles sunbathing on the riverbanks, mouths agape, waiting for prey at which to strike with lightning swiftness. The region also provides habitat for a variety of birds with over 450 species having been recorded.

The smaller species are also well represented; they include dik-diks, bat-eared fox, caracals, aardwolf, a variety of mongoose, baboons, monkeys, warthogs.


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