The Enjoolata Awareness Centre

Coming together in conservation

As an important part of our mission to conserve the co-existence of wildlife and Maasai culture we are very proud to open the Enjoolata Awareness Centre. Our guests and other visitors will be invited in to learn about history and the present, face to face with the Maasai – through exhibitions and movies . Join us in coming together to preserve the wildlife and one of the last surviving traditional cultures on Earth.

Located next to our safari camp Basecamp Masai Mara near the Talek village, the Enjoolata Centre is open for anyone who seeks knowledge and deeper understanding.

You will get an opportunity to interact with local Maasai women as they utilize their traditional knowledge and skills to create unique beaded items for sale.

The Enjoolata Centre houses a multimedia editing room, and a movie square showing classic movies such as ‘Out of Africa’ under the starlit African skies.

The Enjoolata Awareness Centre is located in Basecamp Masai Mara and houses a display of tangible and intangible cultural collections from the Maasai community. These exhibits introduce you to the Maasai culture and their relationship with the wildlife across the vast Masai Mara region. The exhibits are local cultural items ranging from household objects, shields, spears and headgear among other spectacular ceremonial pieces worn by both men and women. Each item having been passed down for generations is ingrained with a rich history waiting to be shared.

In addition to these items, you will find information on the butterflies, birds and wildlife from the Mara region. As you walk through the centre with your family, you will experience the intricate details adding to your safari experience while making it easier for the children to learn about wildlife and safari.

Today’s safaris need to be carried out responsibly and for us sustainable tourism is at the heart of our operations. Basecamp delivers on 16 out of 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG’s) and we endeavor to transform the lives of the local Maasai community through projects that reduce poverty, address climate change and among others empower the local Maasai women. Our projects, though local tell the story of issues affecting us globally.

When it comes to interesting and finely crafted beaded jewellery the Maasai people are truly talented. They have been creating beaded jewellery for a very long time. The female beaders —lovingly referred to as ‘mamas’ — have been keeping centuries-old design traditions alive.

With the launch of The Enjoolata Centre members of the Basecamp Maasai Brand will have a better art and craft centre which will provide more working space with more storage facilities for women’s products enabling them to create a wider variety of unique products. We will be delighted to welcome you to our art and craft section in the centre. Come and see how we make our products and you can even have a go at beading yourself if you would like to. You will also have a chance to see and buy the finished collections of jewellery, leather items and accessories at the retail outlet shop within the centre.

Housed within the centre is a movie square, which invites guests to a memorable under-the-stars movie experience. You will have a chance to watch popular films ranging from wildlife features to uniquely selected classics such as ‘Out of Africa’ and family favorites like Lion King. After a long day of wildlife viewing sit back and watch a good old classic movie some of which will help you relive the safaris of yesteryears.

Every game drive safari in Masai Mara holds the possibility of creating amazing moments on camera and with our experienced guides leading your safari you can now capture the images you have dreamed of. The centre incorporates a video editing room that will allow guests to produce their creative work. This room allows for the freedom of creativity in the serene Masai Mara plains. It will also serve as a training section where a professional photographer can give lessons on how to take better photos or how to edit photos for a professional look.

Responsible tourism can indeed be a powerful tool for community development & reducing inequalities if it involves the local community & all key stakeholders. Ultimately, our goal is to create an in-depth and lasting impact on the community.

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