Piotr Damski

Piotr was born in Poland and grew up as a wild child, that couldn’t spend too much time stuck between four walls. He has been exposed to the diversity and beauty of the world in my early years, thanks to his outdoorsy parents, and ever since his life became a never ending journey. His thirst for exploration and experience and nomadic nature brought him to many different corners of the world where he got to learn and try many unusual things like lobster fishing in Maine, Geoduck harvesting in Washington state or heli-skiing in British Columbia. Piotr got introduced to dog sledding two years ago, near Alta in Northern Norway, which totally changed his life. He run with sled dogs across Finnmark plateau and got to be a dog handler during the Finnmarksløpet – Europes longest and Worlds northernmost sled dog race. Piotr moved to Svalbard in 2015 and has been living and working with sled dogs since, embracing and enjoying the hardship of arctic life.