Marius Bøkestad

Marius Bøkestad are from Oslo, and came to visit his brother at Isfjord Radio, Svalbard in 2016 and fell in love with the scenery. He has always had a traveller spirit, and love meeting new people. Therefore, he has travelled around the world searching for experience. At Svalbard he found a place with a lot of interesting people, and a place that has endless challenges. So, when he got a job opportunity he just had to settle everything at home and moved straight up.

Marius started his Svalbard career at Isfjord Radio Adventure Hotel, and when he then got an opportunity to work in Basecamps sales team, there were no questions about what to do. A day in Basecamp are never equal, and that suits him perfectly. To have a job where he can help people plan their arctic adventure are a pleasure for Marius.

email: marius(a)