Espen Nordahl


Espen lives in Tromsø and is never far from the steep snow-capped mountains. In this Arctic city, he works as communication officer at the Center for Avalanche Research and Education at the Arctic University of Norway. He also holds a position as a snow recorder for Norway’s official risk aversion app for avalanches.

With a bachelor of glacier and avalanche instruction from Norges Idretts college, Espen runs the Midnight Sun Mountain Guides along with three friends. Over the years he has been guiding Alpine Backcountry skiing on many Ski & Sail voyages in the Lofoten Islands, the high Arctic, and Svalbard.

Espen has a strong passion for the mountains around Tromsø and has published an essential book “Ski touring in Troms” featuring over 80 local peaks for anyone intending to backcountry ski the Lyngen Alps and surroundings.

The love for the snow, mountains, and skiing took Espen to summits in Lofoten Islands, West Finnmark, The Alps, Marokko, Turkey, East-Greenland, Svalbard, Albania, and Kosovo.