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Would you like to have your board meeting, conference event, incentive group or even a kick-off event in the middle of the true Arctic? We offer the best world class destinations around Spitsbergen.

Travel though the arctic scenery with an open boat or by snowmobile and arrive to our luxurious Isfjord Radio. Enjoy 3-course dinner with good selection of excellent wines at the last frontier before Greenland. This is true fine dining with arctic style! For the true polar adventure we can offer our Nordenskiöld lodge – the expedition style cabin – right next to the magnificent blue Glacier! Accompanied by breath-taking nature we can guarantee you unforgettable experience!

No matter what destination or activity you pick, we make sure you will get the adventure of your dreams. We can tailor made any of our products to fit the needs and wants of your group. Just let us know what you are dreaming of and we will make it true! We go the extra mile to make sure that you have a unique and quality adventure on Spitsbergen.

Are you looking for a different destination for your next trip? At the Rim of the West coast, on top of the world, you’ll find Hotel Isfjord Radio on Spitsbergen. Situated 90 km from Longyearbyen, the only way to get here is by boat in summer or snowmobile in winter. This 1933 built solitude outpost is today a modern boutique hotel with the Arctic ocean as the closest neighbour.

Spitsbergen’s wilderness gives you unique experiences on the land of the polar bear, combining comfort with breath-taking nature. We tailor your trip, this is the perfect destination for companies, meetings, kick-off or a trip with good friends.

This Arctic Adventure on Svalbard combines work with unforgettable adventures! Let us guide you through the arctic wilderness to our remote Adventure Hotel Isfjord Radio situated about 90 km from civilisation of Longyearbyen and surrounded with arctic silence. During the snowmobile expedition, we will ride over glaciers, mountains and frozen fjords, and visit the Russian mining town Barentsburg. Combined with our unique accommodation, you will enjoy a level of quality and comfort that is unexpected so far into the wilderness. All work and no fun makes us dull explorers!

on request
4 days
winter season
4-40 persons
all meals included
Basecamp Hotel & Isfjor radio
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Combine work with unforgettable adventures! We would like to welcome you to Longyearbyen, the northern most town in Europe! And from the edge of the inhabitable world you will continue even further into the wilderness! There are no roads beyond Longyearbyen, so we will use our open boats to cross over the icy fjord to our Adventure Hotel Isfjord Radio. Here, you really are on the border of civilization –half way to Greenland. Outside the northern most city, it’s only the vast wilderness and arctic silence waiting for you. Isfjord Radio offers you modern hotel in a rough arctic landscape surrounded with arctic silence topped with astonishing food and good meeting facilities. What else can you ask?

on request
3 days
Summer season
4-40 persons
all meals included
Isfjord Radio & Basecamp Hotel
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When you travel with Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen you get to experience the most unique destinations and products on Spitsbergen or even in the whole world! We have the most unique hotel in Longyearbyen – Basecamp Hotel is decorated with driftwood, seal skin and slate and shows the true rustic luxury. We have the northern most commercial expedition lodge on Spitsbergen – Nordenskiöld Lodge. We have the world’s class remote boutique hotel – Hotel Isfjord Radio that gives you the true feeling of arctic luxury. We have the original Trapper’s Station with true arctic atmosphere in Bolterdalen with our 90 Alaskan huskies. Choose one or all the destinations – we will tailor make the best solution for you!


When you book your company event via Basecamp Spitsbergen you will be guaranteed to get personal service at all levels from us. Because we are relatively small company we can concentrate on your needs. You will have one contact persons who will plan the program with you, do all the needed booking for you, answer any questions you might have and help you with the packing list and other preparations. After this you can just relax and let our professional hotel staff and guides to take care of the trip for your group!


We are proud to say that our expeditions and adventures are done with high quality and with eye for details. We use the best ingredients for our meals. We pick the best wines for our dinners. We choose the best guides to lead your expedition. We have high quality accommodation even in the remotest destination. We use new and high quality equipment from snowmobiles to suits for the boat ride. The beautiful details you can see in all our destinations. Basecamp Hotel is full with small details about the trapper’s life. Each room and area has its small artefact that will put you back in history. At Isfjord Radio you will find contemporary design in every room combined with the story of the radio station from 1933 until today.


We will add a pinch of madness to our trip so that you can experience the true arctic experience and have memories for lifetime. Basecamp was the first company on Spitsbergen than ventured out with own dog sledge for each customer. We aimed to give the customers the true feeling of trapper and the life at the arctic. After us, many companies have followed the suite. More than 15 years ago we decided to freeze a ship in the ice to offer our customers the Frozen Adventure. Many thought it was pure madness, but it has turned out to be a shining success. To accommodate a remote radio station and to turn it to a real boutique hotel with high class dinners and beautiful decorations was truly an act of a madness – that turned out to be another success! Today you can enjoy the fully renovated radio station and really feel the arctic luxury around you. When you join one of our trips you will see and experience what a touch of madness can do at the arctic


At Basecamp Spitsbergen strive to increase a positive effect on the world we live in. Our aim is to leave a positive foot print! Tourism in general is one of the big CO₂ contributers in the world and especially air traveling causes big carbon footprints. Our aim as a sustainable tourism company is to change the future of tourism so that instead of polluting the earth the tourism will in fact help to stop the global warming by reducing the carbon footprint and greenhouse effect. Our main project towards this goal is the tree planting in Kenya, Africa. As a Basecamp guest you contribute to this project. By planting trees you will reduce the carbon foot print of your air travel as well as your motorized transport on the archipelago. In addition our ecological destinations use as little resources as possible and use ecological products, to make your carbon footprint even smaller.


As you might have noticed we love to have new ideas and plan high quality adventures with eye for details. But with us it is not about delivering novelties. We have built our competence in almost 20 years of experience in the arctic and know exactly what work and what does not!


We love the arctic and we love to show you the best parts of the arctic as well. During our trips we will show you the true Arctic Silence around Spitsbergen in several places


We deliver the whole package from A-Z on Spitsbergen. Since we have a full story – or a book of stories – behind our products we can offer you a complete experience from accommodation to activities with the same style. You will experience the arctic story from the first steps you arrive to Longyearbyen all the way to the end when our guide will wave good byes.

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