Inside S/V Linden

Welcome aboard S/V Linden! She is a classic sailing vessel well equipped to take you on an adventure in the high Arctic. This schooner is built with love and funding from thousands of supporters in Åland in 1993 as a replica of the original Linden of 1920. She is the biggest wooden schooner in Europe. Linden is made for sailing the cold Baltic Sea, and her ice-strengthened hull enables her to take on the sea ice in Svalbard waters.

Inside Linden, there are two lounges with plenty of windows, so you can watch the nature and spot wildlife even at meal times. We gather in the bar lounge for meals, briefings and lectures. It comfortably fits guests and crew,  this is a perfect place to hang out with your fellow passengers.

There is also a library lounge on board, where the bookshelves are filled with polar literature. Coffee and tea are always available for free in the lounges.

The timber ship comes with a total of seven cosy cabins with bunk berths. Many of the bunks can be turned into sofas. Five of the cabins have private facilities and two cabins have shared bathrooms in the hall. All rooms are inside cabins.

Having been built in Finland there is of course a good size sauna on board.

With limited fellow passengers, you are guaranteed an exclusive experience.