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Winter Adventures in Spitsbergen


Would you like to experience Spitsbergen on skis?

The light, the mountains, the views — everything is so surreal. Leave your watch and phone behind, and live in synchrony with the nature.

The pace is relatively slow – there is no hurry. With heavy backpacks or sledges behind you, it’s good to take it slow. Luckily for you, only the guide has to carry the gun. That’s right: there’s nothing like climbing mountains with a rifle in tow, just in case you have an encounter with a polar bear!

To cross Spitsbergen is for many of us the ultimate way to experience the epic nature of Svalbard and learn to live like an arctic explorer. With icy fjords, snow-capped mountains and exciting wildlife, this is an amazing journey. One more to the skiers bucket list!

27.3.-4.4. & 25.4-3.5. 2018
8 days
Winter season
Minimum 4 persons
All meals included
Tent & Isfjord Radio
Starting from 32.500 nok
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We travel by boat from Longyearbyen and establish a base camp up on the glacier. From this camp we’ll climb and ski the surrounding peaks. Once all the nearby peaks are bagged, we just move the camp. On Spitsbergen, we still have perfect skiing conditions during May month.

5 days
Winter season
Minimum 4 persons
All meals included
Starting from 15,900 nok
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